Friday, July 17, 2009

Curve ball

We were thrown a curve ball on the job front.

Dave found out tonight that they cut the positions to 16 meaning he's out of a job starting Monday.

I don't think this would be as big of a shock if we had not found out Monday that he was in for another month. So we are at a loss for words to describe our emotions.

Thanks to many friends and family for messages and words of encouragement. They mean more than you know.

I have some really cute pics of the girls and me. I'm planning on posting them tomorrow sometime.

So I'm taking the week off from linking. Just don't have that much energy at the moment. But thanks for loving it every week. It makes me smile :)


Kate said...

I heart you.

Julie said...

I'm SO sorry!

LDraper said...

Oh Kate, I'm so sorry. We've been through this too (right before our first was born). If there is anything at all I can do, please let me know.... I do have a friend who works in recruiting and always has her eyes on the job market... I don't know what Dave does, but holler if you want me (and her) to do any looking.
From our experience, I learned that God totally provides.... sometimes in really creative ways, but He always does. I will pray for you guys.

anne said...


TcH said...

we will be praying for you guys

amanda said...

sending lots of prayers...

and deep breaths!

Unknown said...

Kate - I am so very sorry to hear this!! What an unbelievable stress at this time. I'll be praying for you and Dave that something turns up. All I can say is that we've been through some very difficult financial and job times too (recently and in the past) and yet we've always been provided for and I'm sure you will be too. When I found out about my recent 10% pay cut (ok NOTHING like losing a whole job I know) I chose to focus on it like it was a test, like God was saying "if I do this, will you still trust me?" And as soon as I really did, two things happened, I felt at peace and some friends showed up at my door and handed me an envelope of cash!!

AnonyMe said...

Kate, I know you and Dave will keep everything in perspective. You have such a beautiful, wonderful family and so many, many friends who love you. You all will never be homeless or hungry. I am praying that you both can feel calm enough to feel positive about Sam coming, and to enjoy this time together as a family as an unexpected gift. (I hope that doesn't sound crazy- )

Shelby said...

Kate....I just love your faith and your spirit and I'm sad that you are having to go through this right now. You and I know that God knew this was going to happen. It is all in the plan. It seems like really sucky timing (excuse the language) but there is a reason for it all. Hold your chin up. Take it easy on yourself right now. Take it one day at a time and lean on God. He has the answers. They will come.

Love you!

Katie said...

I'm praying for you. God will provide, He always does. As always I'm available if you need anything (literally anything)!

Daniel, Laura and Noah said...

Hey, we're really sorry to hear this news! We are thinking about you guys, especially as baby is getting closer. Praying that you can focus on that and the blessing he will be to your sweet family right now. Praying also for an amazing job opportunity and for miracles upon miracles to happen to show you how much God loves you. We love you, too.
Thanks for sharing your pics of the cutest girls in the world.
la-la and D