Friday, July 24, 2009

Favorite Link Friday - baby edition

My favorite things for baby. This is also for my friends who are prego first time mama's. Enjoy!

*The Miracle Blanket - I love to swaddle and this really is the best.

*My little Pouch - by Kangaroo Korner. We have the swim one and it helps during the warm summer months.

*The best stroller ever for the infant months. Love this. So lightweight.

*Best Diaper Bag - I'm a huge fan of only taking one bag with me and this one attaches to the stroller and when it topples off my front seat everything doesn't go flying out.

*My absolute favorite post-birth drink - Odwalla Superfood. It's the best. I have no idea why I love it so much.

*And this is what I would like someone to make for me as my post-birth dessert :) hint, hint.

What are your favorite baby things?


Anonymous said...

I borrowed Katie's little pouch by Kangaroo Korner and it is the very best..every mommy should have one!! Miss you and can't wait to meet your new son!!!

Anonymous said...

Okay Kate (and Teresa) I want you to know that I actually "clicked" on every link you posted!!! The drink link overwhelmed me just a bit, but I survived!! LOL
I love the diaper bag, just may have to order that one, and the swaddler blanket. Love ya! Betty

rebecca said...

Woah Kate, I hope you had someone in mind who is really good at making desserts like the lemon curd, because I looked at the details on how to make one and, let's just say, you know how me and details are.
How about I make you some nice, safe chocolate chip cookies???

Sally said...

have to agree with the miracle blanket. We got an extra one so we could be washing the other one. They are now very stretched because DD wouldn't sleep without one for the longest time.
The pouches look fantastic, wish I had had one for water.

Anonymous said...

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