Wednesday, March 31, 2010

all i want to do is cook

I cannot stop cooking, therefore, i cannot stop eating. And I really need to lose these last 10 lbs. Rather, I need to lose these last 10 lbs so I can work on the pre-existing 10 lbs I needed to lose before.

But all I want to do is BAKE and cook.

I've made the whole wheat sandwich bread out of the Artisian Bread in 5 minutes a day. So delicious, I think I ate 6 pieces the first night. Then I made grilled cheese out of it. Not smart.

I want to make these cinnamon rolls and then there is the "healthy" version.

I made these lemon bars today for dinner club tomorrow.

People, this is getting out of hand. I need to start giving it all away.


rebecca said...

I'll help you with that!

amanda said...

if only we were neighbors :)

Shelby said...

Send some my way! My mouth is watering!!

TcH said...

come and cook for me... I am in a cooking slump right now! let's face it, Im in an everything slump.

AnonyMe said...

Kate, thanks for turning me on to Artisian Bread in 5- we are playing around with it. For an inattentive cook like me, it takes just the right amount of time:)

Katie said...

Ditto... It was a cinnamon roll weekend for me. YUM! And now I really wish they weren't all gone. I need to focus on that last 10 lbs too.