Thursday, March 25, 2010

keeping a record

I have to say this b/c I think I need to be reminded of it every once in a while.

First, Sam rarely, if ever, takes a nap longer than 40 minutes. 3 of them a day, to be exact.

Second, this makes me incredibly frustrated at times. So much, that I need to walk away from him or I'll be angry with a baby (not good).

My pediatrician mentioned a few months back that his son didn't start napping (longer than 45 minutes) until 8 months. 8 months. Are you kidding me?

Here I am approaching 8 months and I still have a catnapping baby. (He sleeps 12 hours at night with 1 feed at 4 a.m. - not bad).

I've done everything. Literally, everything. He falls asleep independently and has for months. Consistent bedtime. Regular feeding schedule. You name it, I've done it. (Maybe that's my problem, too much involvement)

This is what I need to remember. Sleep is fleeting. It ends in a few years. And while I value the peace that it brings, he's still a happy kid. And if I spend hours on end working a 30 minute nap into 90, then what have I given up with the other two? Most likely they are sitting in front of the TV with a stressed out mom begging them not to move an inch. Doesn't really sound like a fun life.

So I've thrown in the towel. I've reconciled myself to the fact that I don't have 'those' kids that take 2, two hours naps during the day. I just don't. And we are OK.

So Kate, remember, when he's applying for college, excellent sleeper isn't a requirement for acceptance.

He just woke from a 30 minute nap, go figure!


Bekah said...

I like this little talk you had with yourself. :) I can relate to the nap frustration. My 3rd was also a pretty poor napper - I am quite familiar with the frustrations of the 3 40 minute naps. Things really did get better as I cut out naps - 2 naps went better than 3 (like a 45 minute nap in the am and a 1-1.5 hr nap in the pm), and now that we are down to 1, it's usually right around 2 hours. So, don't fear the cutting out of naps (I always do!), it might help. :) Good luck!

Oh, just thought I should say that often Allie will wake up crying about an hour into her 2 hr nap, and I'll have to go lay her back down a time or two, but she almost always goes back to sleep. For instance, I'm just about to go up and lay her back down for the second time... sigh.

marthamac said...

my "measurement" of a tolerable baby is one who sleeps 12 hours at night with only one feeding...turn around and he will be walking out the door to college and then you get to sleep a lot! If you make it that long! He sure is cute!!!

Kate said...

M is not a great napper either, but for the most part a great night sleeper and a happy girl (except for right now while she has at least 6 teeth coming in at once)>. So, I've done that too - just decided this is what she does! And when she naps....I usually have time to shower, maybe eat and check a few emails. Sorry I didn't get a chance to call Sunday...this weekend! Miss YOU

klyn said...

Oh, but "excellent sleeper" will be what he tries to write on the college entrance exams as a measure of his excellent habits! My 12th grade 12-hour-a-night sleeper wishes she would get monetary benefits from that.

Brenda L said...

Kate, Amanda always slept exactly 59 minutes for her nap. Never longer. Anthony normally sleeps 2-3 hours for his nap. I believe you made the right choice not to fight him for more sleep. The purpose for naps is for our babies to get refreshed and get in good moods :) and if Sam only needs a short nap then maybe if the others are napping you can use the time to blow on his tummy and bond. You are a great mom Kate.
Brenda L