Saturday, March 13, 2010

hearts of thankfulness

Thurdsay, we were driving to a friend's house for dinner.

In the back I hear Lily, "Mama, please answer me!"

me: "Sorry. I didn't know you were talking to me"

Lily: "Great job turning your wipers on" (it was raining)

me: "oh thanks Lil".

Eloise: "Ya, and thanks for being so safe while you drive us".

I was beaming. Even though they were two very insignificant compliments, they were compliments. And that is a sign, to me, of gratitude and I love it.


Cutzi said...

They sound hugely significant to me. In fact, if I ever have to fill out a resumé again I think I will add: 1. Safe Driver 2. Turns on wipers when it's raining

amanda said...

total heart melt friend.

Bekah said...

So sweet. Isn't it funny how much their little compliments can warm your heart?

Also, I read your blog through my google reader, so I don't always get to see your lovely blog design, but I did today, and man, I love it!! Those colors on the header are fantastic!

The Horne's said...

That is so precious!