Thursday, March 4, 2010


I've had several thoughts milling about for the last couple of weeks. I can finally think straight so that might be why. Here they are:

::thinking alot about my relationship with Eloise. She is my first born and I'm often times hardest on her. I'm sensitive to her and want to make sure that my impact on her is positive and encouraging. So if she is still peeing the bed and it's annoying to change sheets, I have to remember that she wants this just as badly as I do. No need for extra discouragement. (BTW - I've tried everything. literally everything. next might bed a bed wetting alarm, but we'll wait until she is 6)

::I've got sugar on the brain. Everyone says it's bad for you. I've heard it a trillion times. But why, what does it really do to our bodies that makes it so horrible? Addiction might be the first thing, but coffee does that too. I know everything in moderation is good and I believe that sugar falls into that category. I grew up with no sugar. Very organic without my parents calling it that. Farm raised beef, eggs, dried fruit, balanced meals, only home baked goods, etc. We only got sugared cereal on special breaks (spring break, christmas break, etc). I'm no less a sucker for sugar than the next person. So I'm not convinced that giving our kids the best food now will make them great eaters later. Not that I'm not going to give them good food, but I just don't think it seals the deal. (just my opinion, no negative comments here, I still see the value of good food, don't worry)

::in this thinking of food, it leads me to health. Eloise is at the age where she really wants to get involved in an activity/sport. I'm searching to see what might be a good start. Dance doesn't seem to be her gig (more Lily's), she really wants to ice skate though. We'll see.

::TV. Love it/hate it. I'm learning to use it wisely.

::Sam is almost 7 months and he is the cutest thing in the world to look it. He's sitting up on his own but Eloise likes to come to the rescue and help him.

::With that 7 month mark comes my deep breath time. At 8 month's old is when I finally start to take deep breaths. We made it! They are almost feeding themselves small pieces of food and showing signs of talking and uber cuteness. An independence. But still very much dependent. I do not miss those baby days one bit.

::Even though those baby days will never come again. I made the dreaded appointment for Dave. He turns white every time I mention the 'V' word. It is what it is. My family feels complete and it's good to start moving forward with life.

::thinking about signing up for a 5K, walking, of course. Running makes me want to pass out just thinking about it.

::I'm thinking about it b/c the endocrinologist I saw last week made a comment about my stretch marks when she was doing an exam of my abdomen. They are apparent and that is being kind to myself. She said, "Your husband needs to get you a tummy tuck". Not gonna lie, felt like I was 15 again and someone made a comment about how much I've "grown". Tummy tuck would be awesome b/c my stomach will never go back again, but it's life. It's having babies.


Julie said...

7 MONTHS!?!?! My goodness - have we gotten to see any updated pics lately?

Cutzi said...

First off. Oh my word! I cannot believe she would say that to you!! Aren't health care workers supposed to have more tact than that? Sheesh!! Double sheesh!!

Second of all - I hear you on the sugar thing. Except for me, and possibly for you with your new health issues, sugar makes me moody, tired, low-energy and a whole lot of other things that I won't go into (and neither should your endocrinologist). I give my kids treats - more than I'd probably like. I love to bake for them. But I was the same - my mom would not allow pop in our house and I seriously think I love pop more because of it.

I just started a couch to 5k program. I had not exercised in 2 months after exercising at least 3 times a week for 7 years.

9 months over here. I'm content with the fact that she's not crawling yet. How did there get to be so many legos, My Little Pony accessories and pieces of chalk laying around our house all of a sudden?

Melinda said...

I can't believe she said that!! A tummy tuck doesn't get rid of stretch marks! Man, let me know her name and remind me never to go to her.
I so agree on the sugar thing. It is just in your makeup. I was raised on heatlhy food too and one of the big reasons I couldn't wait to be an adult was that I could eat candy whenever I wanted!

klyn said...

If you ever, ever, ever need an ear to commisserate about the bedwetting...I am that ear.

I am only 2 years past the final nights of bedwetting, so it is still a fresh scab (and my youngest turns 14(!) next month).

amanda said...

no she did not say that!! how did you bite your tongue and not say something back? you are a better woman than me!

love that dave turns white - makes me giggle. i know that conversation will come up at our house one day and i am sure i will giggle then too :)

and i always knew we were friend, but your comment about running? i feel the exact same way!

Jusbeth said...

Kate, we still have wet beds, so we still use pull-ups every night. It is hard to be patient.

I have to agree with previous comments. Who asked her and why in the world would she say that? That was very insensitive, at the least. I am sorry you had to experience that. I totally agree, too- my body did a great job of growing those babies, and I am not at all bothered by the signs of that experience.

We're getting a "v" too! :)

Shelby said...

I had to gasp Kate. That is honestly so not called for in any circumstance! Very rude if you ask my. Ugggg....rude. That just seriously makes my skin crawl. Some people!!

Dena said...

if you ever need an ear to yell into about the bed wetting issue, i'm here for you.

it's best not to discuss it with anyone because they will just give you the ol' "oh you have to try this and it will work and life will poof back to normal" bit.

no. it won't. and that won't work. because i've tried it. a bazillion times. so shut up. :)

what works is letting them grow up and move out and make it someone elses problem!!!

sending you a dose of a "what's one more night of soaked sheets, blankets, matress covers, pillow cases, pillows and jammies" carefree attitude your way! ;)

Anonymous said...

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