Monday, March 1, 2010

Our dryer has been dying a slow death for quite some time now. First it took 70 minutes to dry, then 80, then 150 minutes. I do 4 people's laundry (Dave does his own, by his own choice, which I gladly support) and it was taking me ALLLLLLL day and some of the next.

I'm a big Craigslist person. Six months ago, our dishwasher went out and I just happened to check out CL in the off chance that there might be something. A woman was selling a stainless, almost brand new dishwasher b/c her husband was remodeling the kitchen. So he was replacing the "old" one that she never used in the first place. $100. Sold. New fabulous dishwasher. I love it.

So I thought there might be a dryer out there on CL with my name on it. I looked for a month. People usually sell them as sets and we didn't need a washer.

Scrolling through, I found my moms washer and dryer on there for a 1/3 of what she paid. I thought it was interesting and moved on.

I called my mom and told her and she said I should definitely go look at it. No. But maybe., ust maybe.

We got home for church the next day, I ran to my computer, called the guy and he still had it. We rushed up to Vancouver and it looked great. I talked him down. An amazing deal. And he delivered it.

It was installed, ready to go, and before I knew it Dave was shoving his laundry in. He beat me! I've never seen the guy move that fast.

Once the load was started we all just stood around and stared. It was hilarious.

I love these things. LOVE them. Every time I walk out to my garage, I smile.


Hoover Family said...

we have the same washer/dryer set. I love them! You can wash everything in them, even pillows, and everything dries so quickly!

Julie said...

Wow - it feels odd to have washer/dryer envy, but I do!

amanda said...

who knew that one day we would grow up and fall in love with a washing machine and a dryer :)

Along For the Ride said...

That's awesome Kate! You are so good at looking for deals. I wish I had the patience and time for that. I love, love, love our front loaders. Ours are stacked on top of each other to make more room in our teeny tiny laundry room. Congrats!


Dena said...

i've been drying out clothes this week the "old fashion" way.

with a fan and heater set up in the bathroom and every piece of clothing on randomly collected hangers.

what's with the dead appliances this month??!

Brenda L said...

Did you love them so much that you had to strip Lily of her shirt? Just wondering since she was naked.