Wednesday, April 21, 2010


my house is completely quiet.

my children are all sleeping. It may only be for 1 hour, but for that 1 hour, it is simply, peaceful.

I don't even want to get up from the couch, for fear of breaking the silence. It is absolutely wonderful.

Not because it's quiet, but because it's refreshing. It's Wednesday and the day is long and the week is only at the middle. I need this. I need a moment to breathe, to focus, for just a moment, on being a mama. On what life will look like when they wake up and the noise returns. How I will love them? How I will play with them? And how I will handle the crazy moments that make me want to pull my hair out.

i know sweet moments like this will be fleeting. They are all with me. They are not in school, they are nestled safely in their beds dreaming of crafts, snacks, and playtime. It is such a simple yet, chaotic time.

I want to savor it in this moment. Before I get too stressed, before I get overwhelmed with someone's disobedience.

I give thanks to the Lord for He is GOOD. Thank you for giving me these three that you knew we needed. Thank you.


Shelby said...

Oh Kate.....I love this. You speak the words I hear in my heart. Sometimes I need to see them. A reminder is so nice. A reminder to be grateful and to live in the moment!

Love it!


amanda said...

and savor we do friend. time goes by so fast....

glad you got an hour - sometimes it's just what the mama soul needs :)