Thursday, April 8, 2010


Happy Spring!

**I'm getting the bug to garden and I think I'm going to start by organizing my tools in a our tiny shed.

**Thinking about eating whole foods. This is a great post about Spring cleaning the body.

**I'm loving the Inspired Room - loving it!

**DIY kids kitchens - so cute!

**I bought some skinny distressed jeans. There I said it! I really did and look, they're all the rage. And not just for teenagers. I love them. I really love them. More on that later.


Jodi said...

Way to go with the skinny jeans! I bet they look great on you.

I love the Inspired Room. I especially love her whole philosophy on home decorating, under her Authentic Living and My House tabs. I copy and save pictures from her blog all the time.

TcH said...

skinny jeans good!!!!
distressed bad!!! LOL
I am like an old lady. I was standing in the store the other day saying to Nate "why would I buy jeans with holes in them already, I REFUSE".
I think I was too loud b/c he walked away. I was like "Oh dear, I sound like my mom"


The Horne's said...

I really wanna hear about them - I have yet to make the plunge into skinny a pic and give us the scoop!

Kate said...

Skinny jeans!! You are very brave! I've tried and go for this short girl!

kate said...

T - i know, I was the same way. It's not super bad, but I really like it. I roll them up.

I just took the plunge and they were comfy. I even bought two pairs of leggings (yikes). Again, love them.

I'll maybe post a pic, we'll see.

Kate said...

Rolled up....I'm so not in the jeans know! Pictures please. I bet you look adorable.

Shelby said...

Oh my Kate...I'm not near brave enough to try skinny jeans. They make me quiver.