Friday, April 30, 2010


Wow! What a week!

I packed way too much into an already stressful week. Now, I might see the light at the end of the tunnel.

An example of my busy life is in the tabs running across the top of my computer. It's a list of all the things i've opened and have yet to read.

Here's what's waiting:

*the blessing of stewardship - it peaked my interest when they talked about the real reason we are afraid to de-clutter.

*We decided not to put Eloise in preschool next year. Financial being #1. Not wanting to run her back and forth 3 days a week buckling 3 kids into carseats each time, came in #2. I thought this might be fun to do next year.

*Thinking about food and local produce and other items. Local CSA's would be fun to join, but I wanted to look at the pros and cons.

*Kids get two games of bowling free everyday when you sign up for the coupon here. I looked at the locations and there is one semi-close.

*And I don't know why this one is open, How to set goals with your kids, but something must have caught me

That's it for now, but I have yet to look at my Reader. I'm sure I have 45 more posts there too.

If you want links during the week, I've been helping my friend Angela out with her site as her Facebook Editor. If you "like" her page, I post links there all week. Not always related to coupons. Mostly recipes, tips, and crafts.


Cutzi said...

I love that you leave tabs open on your computer - I do that too. Sometimes it drives Justin nutso. I'll walk in and be like, "Did you close my tabs??? I was saving those!!" (yah Cutzi, for like 2 weeks) ;-)

And I can't get the Eloise link to open... are you considering home schooling? Glad you got the bowling link too - sounded like a fun activity to do this summer. And free is always awesome.

Kate said...

I LOVE the pictures of you on Ang's page, and I LOVE her new pic too. Pretty ladies!

Shelby said...

Kate...WHAT a great find on your list this week! I have just spent alot of time reading through the little curriculum and how in the world can you beat that price! We will certainly be adding that one to what we are doing! That is too cool!