Thursday, April 22, 2010

linky loo

I'm really hoping for some sun around here. I need to tackle some organization outside. My children are starting to worry that I'm donating everything in the garage to the Goodwill. They thought I was giving away their bike helmets today. Needless to say, I need to get outside and dream of beautiful spaces.

*Making Pita's this week

*Cute, cute, cute, bumblebee party

*Birthday Cake Puzzle - so perfect for the girls. I'm going to try and make it out of felt.

*We've been having leftover rice from all our Asian meals lately, i think we're going to do this.

*I might be able to pull off this daffodil craft...Eloise would be beside herself with excitement.

*My love of Asian foods will be taken to another level with these. I love these and have always wanted to experiment making them. maybe I'll even be able to convince my kids to eat them.


Cutzi said...

Ohhh.. the nori rolls are so easy to make - and so yummy. There was about a week for a while there when I made them for lunch every day.

amanda said...

i just don't know how you find all these cool blogs! not only do i love the actual link i usually end up bookmarking the site! thanks friend and happy weekend!!