Monday, April 12, 2010

what's going on

First, the skinny jeans. Unfortunately, I had to return them. They stretched out too much while I was wearing them, so I needed to take them back for a smaller size. They were out, so I'll look later. But, I will take a picture if I remember.

Second, still baking here, but exploring more. I made yogurt this weekend. It came out great. We love plain yogurt around here, with honey, of course. And Sam is inhaling it, without honey, of course. It turned out great. I followed Angela's steps. It was a little thin, but I strained it through a cheesecloth and came out the way we like it.

I'm developing a love of creating things from scratch. Like Taco Seasoning. I have time. I'm at home, so why not make something from scratch. I know what's in it and I know it's cheaper. Plus, I get alot of joy out of creating. And we're trying to slow down on the sugar after a fruit snack invasion and addiction.

So we're creating, making, and playing with lots of food here. I'll post pictures soon. My mind is fuzzy from all these kitchen creations.


TcH said...

hey, smaller jeans is a good thing!!! maybe you can exchange them for ones w/o holes in them!??
You know Im kidding!!! You looked cute in them.

emily said...

seriously, needed smaller jeans is a great problem to have!! where did you get them, where they returned them no biggie?

amanda said...

i sooo want to try the yogurt thing. we go through it over here by the boat load. but i am scared!!

ps - congrats on the skinny jeans - smaller size needed? bonus :)

Katie said...

Its the stretch in those jeans. I'm convinced it makes them way too big after one wear. I'd try a pair without stretch. Just go for the Kut from the Kloth ones you love. The Rack has good deals on them. I bought a pair of skinny jeans there this week. They need a little shrinking or tailoring in height and I need a little shrinking to fit perfectly, but that's the point. My motivating jeans for the last few pounds!