Thursday, August 16, 2007


So after bring Ahl-bola (coined by Dave) to a large group of people along the I-5 corridor, we are home. Here's a list of the people so far.

Eloise, Dave, Me, My dad, My mom, My niece, 5 of the Lawrence family members (way to go Madeline) and I'm sure there are few more to be had within the next couple of days.

Despite the sickness, there were a few wonderful moments of the trip. One of them being a day at the park with friends. I love the Bellingham parks. Especially the ones near the water. It feels so refreshing to breath in the fresh sea air.

Pictures will tell the story of a great day of play.

First, Lily and baby Kai. "Why is this guy sleeping all the time?" - lily

A visit to Firwood

Now the park
Bella is so laid back. "Why is this girl making that sound all the time?"

For Laughs
Beautiful Friendships

The Lawrence kids loving us