Friday, August 24, 2007


After i wrote my previous post last night, I had a moment of overwhelming peace come over me. It was as if the Lord was settling me. Just the same settling that I hope for Lily. I realized that I needed to have patience for her. She wants to sleep just as badly as I want her to sleep. She is learning and I need to remember that.

Still no sleep, but we are getting somewhere. Tonight was difficult again, but my frustration has subsided.

On a fun note:

Eloise and I had a special day today. I would like to call them mother/daughter days, but I have two daughters so we need to distinguish with "special day". We went to Starbuck's for a cookie and then the Disney store to purchase an item from her new favorite obsession, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. (tomorrow I'll tape her reaction to when it comes on) We walked in the store and you would have thought she just won the 2 yr old lottery. Her face was so overwhelmed and excited at the same time. She was frantically searching for Mickey and his friends.

After she picked up every Mickey item in store, we settled on two small stuffed Mickey and Minnie Mouse. She walked out of the mall singing the Mickey theme song. Then when we got in the car she position them on her lap so she could stare at them. Then she fed them more of her cookie. She is currently sleeping with them now.

It was so precious today and brought so much joy to my heart. I can't wait until Lily and I can have a special day too.


Cutzi said...

I'm so glad the Lord is giving you the peace you need. Next will be Lily! ;-)

Anonymous said...

oh, dude. sorry to hear how tiring life is right now. you can thankful for this: no one's puking any more.... hope you find reprieve soon.

Katie said...

Oh my word, that is such a cute story about Eloise and the Mickey stuff. Its probably the same face of excitement my grown mother had when we went to Disneyland and she saw Mickey. I swear it was like she had never grown up. It was so embarassing as I was about 13 at the time. :-)