Monday, August 27, 2007


We have alot of Firsts in our family.

First, the first "fruits" of our garden. I am not a gardener but this year I decided to grow tomatoes because we were buying so many at the store. I also like to make salsa so we planted a Serrano pepper. Both are coming into ripeness and we picked our first ones.

Second, we bought a potty seat and eloise went potty for the first time yesterday. So exciting, we loved getting worked up over it. I'm not hanging my hat on it that it will stick, but it's something exciting to think about.

Third, Lily's first lovey. I'm hoping it becomes and obsession that she can't live without (and that it will help her sleep)

Fourth, Lily's first sippy cup and first foods. She is 6 months now and enjoying bananas, apples, sweet potatoes and today, avocado. Slowly, more of it is ending up in her mouth than her shirt.

Lily slept from 2 am to 7 a.m. This was HUGE for us. If Eloise hadn't woke at 5 because she was cold, I would have had 5 hrs. I can't even imagine 5 hours of sleep right now, I'd be a new woman.


Jodi said...

Wow! Lots going on in your house these days!

First, so glad that Lily had a good stretch of sleep. It has to start somewhere and who knows? Maybe this is it.

Second, we picked our first tomatoes last week also and they were so good. Jack didn't want to eat them though. I kept telling him, "Jack, these are the tomatoes we grew ourselves in our backyard!" But his response every single time is, "Mommy, I don't like potatoes." At any rate, it's so fun to just pick food out of my yard when I'm making dinner! I can't wait to start on time next year and do the whole garden.

Katie said...

Okay... I just saw your WW countdown, and I can't believe how much you've lost!!! GOOD JOB!! You are inspiring to make some efforts again. I think everything I had achieved last year I gained back in the last two months of full stress at work. Sigh.. Back in the saddle again.

Jenny said...

Got your message! You are so silly. hehe

wow a lot of firsts going on. Those peppers are so cute and that tomato looks nummy. Fun!

Good job, Eloise! I hope the potty training goes well.

I'm going camping this weekend, are you doing anything Thursday evening?