Sunday, August 19, 2007

first name basis

Eloise has decided that our first names are interchangeable with mom and dad.

We have this bouncy/vibration seat for Lily and it has caused countless stubbed toes. We curse it every time we trip over it. Thankfully its days are coming to a close with Lily coming upon 6 months.

Dave fell victim to the seat yesterday. Just after tripping he mumbled under his breath and put the chair up on the table. Visibly frustrated Eloise took this opportunity to inquire about his frustration.

E: Hey Dave. What's wrong? (followed him into the kitchen)

D: I'm okay, just stubbed my toe.

E: okay daddy.

Her new word of the day: "Chopicopter" (this would be Helicopter) She sees planes in the sky and today she saw a helicopter and thought it was a plane. When Dave told her it was a helicopter she practiced saying it for hours.


Jodi said...

If Eloise ever works at camp I'm going to go back just so I can name her Chopicopter.

Jodi said...

You beat me to that cute pack of Carter's onesies! Well, Delaney and Lil might just have to be twinsies this fall...I don't know if I can resist them.