Saturday, August 11, 2007

Pukefest 2007 - the saga continues

So much for a relaxing vacation.

We drove to Bellingham Monday thinking Eloise was feeling better. Probably should have used better judgement at this point, but we were eager to get going.

The drive went amazingly well. We used a DVD player for the first time and you would have thought we hit Eloise with a tranquilizer. Those things are amazing. We stopped at my parents for naps and a break and then heading on in the evening.

When we arrived to Lance and Jenny's, we got Eloise out of the car seat and she puked again.

Tuesday we played around with friends and enjoyed a morning together as a family downtown. So much has changed down there. It was so exciting to catch up on it all. Came back to L&J and played with the kids. I loved having all the extra kiddos around to entertain Lily & Eloise. It was a great little break.

Later, hung out with the Weston's and the Pott's. Had a chance to meet knew baby Kai. (will post pics later). Then Dave and Rob went to see Bourne Ultimatum, which they were turned down from the moment they got to the ticket counter b/c it sold out. So they chose Simpson's. While watching the movie, Dave started to feel the stomach bug. He puked halfway through the movie and went back for more. Then threw up on the way home. Thankfully, he had just stepped out of the car. He threw up 4 more times that night and had the chills.

At this point I am praying for mercy like never before. I cannot get this. I'm a nursing mom. There is no possible way I can nurse and puke at the same time.

Oh, yes I can. On Thursday, I got it. 9:30, the sickness strikes. And this time, the youngest Lawrence family member, Isaac, got it too. He followed me by about 2 minutes every time I threw up. I felt horrible physically, but even more horrible for giving this family of 6 the flu.

So I threw up about 5 more times until 2 am. The worst being 11:30 when I'm vomiting and Lily is screaming to eat. She wasn't hungry, but needed me to get her back to sleep. It's vacation and I'm not going to work on sleep. So I threw up and feed. I'm shaking so badly from throwing up and have the chills. In my mind, there is nothing worse at this point, except labor, that might have been the worst, but I don't think it lasted as long. I didn't sleep a wink that night, i was so exhausted.

Side note: Most mom's who have had children know that your bladder control isn't what it used to be. So those who have thrown up know what happens, and it only adds insult to injury.

Friday, we packed up and headed to my parents but not before thanking the Lawrence family for allowing us to infect their home and disrupt the family life. I was so thankful that we were going to my parents. I needed rest so badly. I slept all day yesterday and all night last night, with the exception of a few wakes from lily. This sickness really does lay you out. I wish I would have waited one more day for Eloise to recover, now I know why she puked after driving so long.

So we are resting now and Dave is finally having some time to himself and feeling like he is on vacation. He said he would have rather been at work last week then puking. I agree!

So to track this sickness. It's gone from Eloise, Dave, My dad, Me, and Isaac. I'm sure there will be more. Update: Add Sophia and Matthew to the list.

We did have a wonderful day at the park on Thursday with friends. It was probably one of the best moments of the week. Pictures soon to follow.


Jodi said...

Oh Kate.....I am so so sorry. I so hope I'm not the one who gave it to Eloise. Let's see, I came down with it on Monday night and then was at your house Wednesday evening. I never had any chills- just puking and a whole lot of the big D. (Sorry to "de-class" your blog right there.) I'm thinking I just ate something bad.

So glad you're getting some rest at your mom and dad's. We probably passed you on I-5 yesterday. :)

kate said...

jodi - dave had the same as you and so did my dad. Who knows, but this thing this is catchy. In the words of Jenny Lawrence, "that's life and no worries"

RachelC said...

Wow Kate! I am glad you got some rest and your family is on the healing end of this. Hope all your friends get it out of their systems quickly!