Thursday, August 2, 2007

A new word

"No - ah", said Eloise.

Instead of yelling or saying "no" bluntly, it seems to have taken on a singing, sweet tone.

When asked if she wants to do something she responds with, "No - ah". I'm wondering if she hoping for sympathy by making it sound so sweet??

She is also learning some delay tactics for bedtime. "more water mom, more medicy (medicine - she has a small cold), two more books? Jesus (aka, another book, she may think this is really going to work b/c it's spiritual), etc...the list goes on. This is usually followed ALOT of screaming when I leave the room. I've learned - just don't go back in.

Tonight for dinner she asked for "mock-a-mole, k-sa-de-ya, and beans". She ate most of my chips and dipped her chips in salsa until they were falling apart. She never ate the chips.

"Only a mother" moment:
I put Eloise in the bath this evening to calm her down. Upon getting in she fell. Jodi was there so I quickly handed off Lily and picked her up. After I picked her up, she began peeing ALL over the front of me. All you can do is laugh, change your clothes and move on with the day.


Anonymous said...

you have such a full life. full of goodness, grace and such an amazing family. thanks for sharing your thoughts via your blog. i'm grateful to keep in touch this way.

next week? i'd love to see your faces. 360.715.0040. just give a holler and we'll try and make something work, ok? safe travels-- cj

Jenny said...

I say "No-Ah" all the time and Bryan proceeds to say back to me "Abraham-ah". I don't sing it though. HA