Sunday, August 5, 2007

Pukefest 2007

We awoke this morning with a jolt. The jolt was Pukefest 2007 starting. Eloise was screaming at 6 a.m. I went in hoping to lull her back to sleep and discovered there was something wet on her bumper. Dave followed me in there and we both concluded that it was pee that had leaked through these HORRIBLE Wal-mart diapers (I know, I was being cheap as we have to buy two sets of diapers these days).

We changed her diaper and gave her some milk to put her back to sleep. 15 minutes later the screaming resumes. This time we find her drenched in curdled milk.

Into the bath she goes. Lily wakes up at this point too. Seriously girls, it's 6 am.

For the next two hours Eloise pukes 8 more times. Between each one she is laughing and jumping and I'm on the floor scrubing puke. By the end, I got pretty good at realizing when she was going to do it and following her around with the towel.

Playing and feeling fine in between barfs.

BTW. We had plans to leave for bellingham today. Scratch those, we are still in Portland.

So finally we all nap from 12-2:30 and restart the day. Eloise is doing wonderfully and we decided to head off to a VERY crowded new IKEA. Had a wonderful time together as a family despite the crowds.

We come home and eloise seems normal playing in the yard. So mama gives her milk before bed (I know, don't give kids dairy when they are sick). Pukes EVERYWHERE. My ottoman is toast. the floor is covered and into the bath we go again. Can't a mother just eat dinner? I'm scrubbing the puke off the floor thinking, "complaint is evidence of doubting God's goodness" (jody mayhew). So I'm biting my tongue praying for mercy. Please don't let the rest of us get sick.

We did have a sweet moment before bed. Eloise went outside to read books as the sun went down. I planned it so that if she puked I wouldn't have to clean it up. But it was a very peaceful bedtime.

Sweet moments of the day.


Cutzi said...

Oh Kate! I'm so sorry! I definitely feel your pain - we've had a number of puke fests at our house. And...I know this doesn't help after the fact but I thought I'd post it anyway.

This is the best sick kid advice I've ever gotten. (my mom got it from a nurse) When a child throws up, proceed as follows:

1. Do not give any fluids - not even a sip of water to wash their mouth out - for one hour.

2. If, after one hour, they have not thrown up again - give them 1 Tsp of water. Only 1!

3. If, after 15 minutes, they have not thrown up - give one more Tsp. Only 1!

4. Another 15 minutes - 1 more tsp.

5. Another 15 - 1 more tsp.

6. After this hour of 4 teaspoons - if they have not thrown up - begin the B.R.A.T. diet. (Bread, rice, apples, toast - only) for at least 24 hours.

I promise you - this has worked EVERY time for me. The goal is to make sure their stomach is not stimulated to convulse again - which will make them throw up, which will make them lose fluids, which will ultimately dehydrate them.

My mom even posted it on her refrigerator.

And I'm sorry, I'm the queen of long comments - but it is too helpful to not pass along. I try to tell every mom I know.

Jodi said...

This is exactly what the on-call nurse told me to do several months ago when Jack had the flu. I didn't know what to think at first because it totally flew in the face of everything I'd previously thought which is to make sure they stay hydrated- water, 7-Up, Gatorade, etc. But it makes sense and it seemed to work well. The BRAT diet is great for diarrhea too.

Kate, I'm so sorry she threw up again at night. I hope the morning has found your whole family healthy and on your way out of town.

Well, as I write Jack is laying on the couch watching Cars. He woke up this morning saying his tummy was hurting and a half hour later I saw him gag in his mouth. I ran and got our puke bowl and thought he looked a little pale. He hasn't thrown up yet, but I thought a morning of rest would probably be a good idea.

Cutzi said...

oh no - I hope puke germs can't come through the internet....

Anonymous said...

thanks ladies.

we have made it to puyallup with no puking. onto bellingham we go.

cutzi- i'll keep that in mind.

Angela said...

How is that girl strapped into the swing? Are you following the manufacturer's directions?

Jenny said...

UGH sorry! How was IKEA? Did you get anything?

I hope you're having a great vacation and that the DVD player helped the car ride!

Katie said...

Hey Kate! I am so sympathizing with you. What a day! I was at Ikea too. It was RIDICULOUS! Did you park in the field next door like we did? Regardless, I'm loving having it in town. I already went and blew a huge chunk of money there. You have to come over soon and check out my new place.