Tuesday, May 20, 2008

the bee's

Last night Eloise came into our bed around 3. (I think) She had walked out of her room and into the hallway. I noticed her and told her to come to me with the intent of telling her to go back to bed. Before I knew it she was in between Dave and I snuggled in tight.

At 3:45 a.m. my arm had fallen asleep under her. I quickly realized how uncomfortable and not fun this was for me and I took her back to her bed. (note: I despise sleeping with my kids. I have tried a few times and been kicked in the face and farted on. Plus, we have a queen sized bed, that just doesn't work for me.)

This morning I asked her why she had come to mommy and daddy's room.

e: There was a bee buzzing about my head. You turned my flower light on and it came to the flower and then buzzed my head. I got up.

So is this a 2 year old dream or did this really happen? All I know is that she managed to get out of bed, turn off her noise maker, and shut the door behind her. Must have been some bee.


rebecca said...

That is hilarious:) And it makes sense that the flower attracted the bee, of course. I laugh especially because every insect is a bee to Nikolas and i can just hear him saying the same thing. Except it would have sounded something like, "Bee? Away." as his sentences aren't quite there yet.

TcH said...

OH that is too cute. I didn't know the part about the flower light! She was very prepared, closing the bee into her room and everything.

You have been farted on?? By the girls, or Dave?? ha ha ha!!

I had fun today! thanks for inviting us!

McMommy said...

I'm laughing because I thought I was the only one who really hates sleeping with my kids! We also have a queen sized bed and forget it...two adults and a child in the bed just does not work. The kid sleeps fantastic but the parents are walking zombies the next day!

amanda said...

sooo funny!! i am pretty sure she didn't dream it either - just too darn clever she is :)

as for sleeping with the babes - i have enough trouble sleeping with a snoring husband. thankyouverymuch. kids can stay in their own beds!

Jenny said...

That is SO cute! If it was real thank goodness the bee didn't sting her. Maybe it was just a fly and she thought it was a bee?

I agree with the kids in the bed thing. When we were up in Seattle I brought Gabe to bed with me and he ended up rolling all over me and punching me at least 3 different times. He is a mover when he sleeps.

Hope you're having a good week! :)