Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Being I begin my sob story involving our floundering economy, I'll update on Lily.

We went yesterday morning expecting things to be on the up and up. Not so much. Her levels were back down close to the original. Except this time with no strained breathing. Oh, and now we have an ear infection. So we started new meds and antibiotics for the ear. We'll check back on Tuesday and hopefully she will be 100%. The dr. commented on how tired and overwhelmed I looked last Friday (I didn't take offense at the time but wondered later what made me look so bad. I mean I only woke up at 4 a.m.). I told her I had no idea it was so bad. Her response, "You didn't think it was that bad when we kept you here for 2 1/2 hours? I had visions all night of seeing you in the hospital. So glad I didn't."

I know they keep all that scary stuff from you, but it would have been nice to know. Oh well, we're praying for a full recovery.

Okay, onto this gas price/economy issue. I haven't really been annoyed with it until today. Now I'm purely irritated.

I've been doing yoga on Wednesday's for the last 5 1/2 years from the same teacher. I've practiced through both pregnancies and LOVE LOVE LOVE my class and especially my teacher. I really only go for her. She is an amazing, 45 yr old, mom of 3, and avid athlete. She also teaches the cycle class right before and she kicks my booty like no one else.

Today she told us that she is having to resign b/c of her long drive from Hood River. It's about 45 minutes and wasn't very costly before but with gas prices, she isn't making any money. Her last class is next week. I was almost in tears today.

This class is the highlight of my week. My time to pray, meditate, stretch, enjoy the silence and most of all, breathe. She will still teach a class (cycle) at another local club and I can attend that one, but it's just not the same.

I'm sad that people have to make decisions like this. I'm not the type of person to get bitter or think that someone needs to 'solve' this problem, b/c I don't think it will be solved. I am the type of person who thinks, what I can do with what I have? What does life look like with gas at $4 a gallon? How will my friends and family stay connected despite the gigantic hole it will leave in my wallet? I don't know yet, but I'm not entirely opposed to communal living. Not hippy communal living where we share our spouses, but living in separate houses, but in a small area sharing resources and raising our families together. Community garden, shared transportation, maybe homeschooling, (I'm so not a home school mom, so this will be someone else's job), food (I'll do all the cooking - I'm good at that), and hopefully my yoga teacher will live in the community down the road and she can lead a class once a week.

Until then, I'm going to have one more excuse not to go the gym.


RachelC said...

{{{hugs}} Kate. That really stinks. I'm all for a more communal living area... (BW Island ;) )

And {{{hugs}}} and prayers for Lily, hope the new antibiotic kicks in super quick!

amanda said...

still sending happy thoughts and healthy bugs lilly's way!!

as for the yoga teacher, i am really sorry. i haven't technically had to give up anything just yet bc of the gas prices, but i fear i will soon.

can we live in a blogging style communal living village?

TcH said...

prayers and hugs for you and Lily.

Im sorry to hear about your teacher. That sort of stuff is just so horrible and it does make you angry. It's just not right.

Things really are getting so bad. When is someone going to step up and say enough is enough? My step dad drives semi trucks and didnt get a cost of living raise this year b/c of gas prices affecting his company. But at the same time his own personal expenses are going up.
It is getting really scary. :- (

Jodi said...

Oh I'm so sorry...I've always thought that if my Jazzercise instructor ever left I'd just have to quit or something. It's not that there aren't other good instructors, it's just that her class is SO GOOD and so suited to my needs that I'm completely spoiled. It's such a blessing to have a workout program you love, so I truly am sorry.

And....I've heard other women say the same thing about homeschooling when their kids were the same age as yours. And now they homeschool. ;)

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry Kate. That is such a bummer. Maybe you will end up with a new teacher that you can grow to love just as much.

I do hope Lily has a quick recovery and you have your adorable household back to 100% soon!

Katie said...

I'm down with the non-hippie commune idea! You already cook me food, it would be awesome I could just walk over and see you instead of driving. I've discussed this idea with people before but there is this underlying fear of giving up your autonomy and being part of a community. People want that as a security blanket, that they can leave at any time and do what ever they want and community isn't like that. Then again isn't that kind of what the body of Christ is supposed to be? Hm... I'm getting to deep on this.

Oh well, if you start a commune I'm in. ;-) But don't tell Dr Mary you do yoga... She's not a fan!

rebecca said...

You do yoga?!?

kate said...

it's just gym yoga. not spiritual yoga.