Friday, May 16, 2008

hello summer

I do not like summer. I know, it's crazy, but I just don't. However, today I enjoyed. It was 90 degrees, why would I enjoy that? I have A/C and alot of plastic toys in my backyard (which is fenced) that makes for a great day at home.

We did venture out for a brief moment to buy plants for the garden. I'm so excited this year. Eloise, Lily, and I went to a local nursery where I bought my tomatoes last year. (I do not start from seed, that sounds like my worst nightmare.) I bought 4 tomato plants there last year and they produced over 200 tomatoes! Obviously, we went back. It was so cute. Eloise pulled the wagon and Lily did all she could to find the bird baths filled with water so that she could splash herself in the face.

We bought tomatoes (obviously), basil (LOVE pesto), corn (this is a new one) and zucchini. We also want to do potatoes and mini pumpkins for fall.

Tomorrow we are headed out to opening day at our local farmer's market. I'm hoping they will have tons of starts to choose from. I love the market. We get coffee first and then walk around for a bit. The girls love gawking at all the dogs and then buying honey sticks at the end. It really makes me feel trendy and fabulous to go. I wish it was about supporting local farmers, but really it's just about making me feel like I live in movie where the cute family enjoys a day sauntering together through the market. Ahhh...doesn't it sound dreamy.

of course, cute pics of the new summer swimsuits. Rather, just Lily. Yesterday was opening day of the davis pool (which I have a love/hate relationship with, the pool, not Angela) and Eloise couldn't sit still long enough to take a pic. So we have Lily in the backyard this morning enjoying the glorious bubble machine. (which is a gift from heaven)

a bubble hit my lense
What a cutie!


TcH said...

LOVE the swim suit!

Your backyard looks awesome!!!

I want to go to the Farmers Market this year!! I need to get the info from you!!! I want to be trendy and dreamy as well :-P

I looked at one of those bubble machines at Target the other day. Thought it might be fun for camping. so you say it is worth it??? I might have to go back and get it.

kate said...

SOOOO worth it. You can also dilute the bubble solution. Friends of mine have tried 1/3 water to 2/3 bubble. It goes through alot of bubbles. But I don't have to blow a bubble anymore.

McMommy said...

I know what you mean about the 90 degree thing....TOO HOT! We also play in the backyard alot...we can do the pool thing and then jump back inside to our cool a/c!! :)

I love the bubble machine idea! Toys R I come (again)!!

amanda said...

first i need to know where the oh-so cute swimsuit is from??? hello cuteness!!

second - a bubble machine?? must go get me one of these!!

and totally agree about the farmers mkt - we have two close by and we can't get enough of them. i feel "trendy and fabulous" too :)

Anonymous said...

Love this entry Kate! Lily looks so cute in her suit with all the bubbles. Jess has the same suit. We got hers at Carters (one of my favorite stores!! (:) I wish we had a cool farmers market close by.

kate said...

bubble machine - Target

Swimsuit - as shelby said, Carters. I love it b/c you don't have to put sunscreen on.

farmers market - so much fun this week. Lots of dogs for the girls to look at.