Saturday, May 3, 2008

The fishing pole

Eloise has been talking about fishing since her friend Willy came over and wanted to carry around her small bath fishing pole. My mom arrived in town and heard her non-stop talk of fishing and ran out to buy her her very own small pole.

Apparently Walmart doesn't carry fishing items for kids that haven't sold out to Disney or Hasbro. So I picked the lesser of the evil's. Dora. It was either that or princesses. Ummm. Dora. Fortunately, Eloise has no idea who Dora is.

She spent 30 minutes in the bath on Wednesday "fishing". The rest of the day we made sure Lily didn't take it in the head.

Today, Dave, Eloise and her new Dora fishing pole went to a local fishing farm. Our good friends, Tone and Will, brought their sons along too. Eloise was the only one who touched the fish. Rumor has it that one of the dad's was even afraid to touch the fish.

They brought home two fish and cooked them up for dinner tonight. Eloise took one bite and decided they were better in full fish form at the farm.

Supposedly, there are pictures somewhere. When I find them I'll make sure to post them. I look forward to more father/daughter fishing days. Especially during Lily's naptime ;)

I found them.


amanda said...

sooo cute :)

i too look forward to father/daughter fishing trips. although i want no actual fish proof brought back into the house!