Saturday, May 24, 2008

germ magnets

On Tuesday, my little germ magnets contracted yet another cold. Eloise went down Tuesday and Lily followed Wednesday.

I quickly jumped into action:
Vick's - check
Ibuprofen - check
elevated crib (lily) - check
humidifier - check

I was prepared with the supplies and to stay home for the next few days. I was NOT prepared for the 4 a.m. wake-up call from Lily Friday morning.

Lily had been battling the congestion. Our nights had been uncomfortable, but nothing major. I could tell something was not right that morning. She wouldn't nurse (which she loves, despite my efforts to wean) and couldn't get relaxed enough to fall back asleep. The mommy alarms were sounding.

I called my pediatrician friend at 8 a.m. and she suggested I take her in. At 10 a.m. we were sitting in the office being probed. Lily was not good. As I know now, she was barely getting any air and suffering from Viral Induced Asthma.

They gave her some steroids to open up the airways and gave us two breathing treatments with this little machine. The little mask she had to wear had a chicken on it. It was so sad.

The little bean just moved in and out of sleep while being tested for her oxygen levels and her crackly little lungs.

They sent us home with a machine, lots of prescriptions and an order to head over for an x-ray to rule out pneumonia. Thankfully, she has not contracted that.

We have been treating her with breathing treatments and steroids all night. Not so much fun for a 1 year old.

This morning we had a follow up. The dr. explained how close we came to being admitted to the hospital. She was barely getting any air and struggling badly to breathe. They were so glad that she held on and is slowly working back to 100%. The dr. let me listen to her lungs. Very crackly. He explained that if it were us in her state, we would have trouble walking up flight of stairs. He said she'll sound like a smoker the next couple of days but should improve. She's not out of the woods yet. We still need to watch for bronchitis and follow up on Tuesday.

All of this has had me pretty emotional. Yesterday was so exhausting just holding this limp little baby for 4 hrs straight and today even more so with a greater understanding of just how bad she was.

Lily and I have had several (this being only one) dates together at the doctor's office. Every time I look at her sleeping little body on me, I just marvel at how thankful I am that she is here. She is my reminder that God is filled with grace. He has had grace for us so many times that she has been sick. I cannot explain how thankful I am that we have not been admitted to the hospital. We've come close too many times in her small life span.

I know the Lord planned these times of trial for us to be knit together as mother and daughter. Especially given the circumstances and feelings I had before her birth.

And within all this He has shown me a sister bond in the beginning stages. Coming home after all of this, Lily was most excited to see Eloise. She chased her around the house saying, "e-z" (weezy). Nothing brings me more joy than seeing the love grow between my little girls.

So we now wait and hope for healing of this little one. And we also hope for this nasty cold season to END. The doctor confirmed for me that this is one of the worst years on record for sickness. Good. I'm not crazy and don't have a family without a functioning immune system. Here's hoping for sickness free summer.


Jenny said...

This sounds OH SO familiar! Poor little Lily! :(

I can't wait for this NASTY cold season to end too. I will be praying for you guys!


Anonymous said...

Awwww!! Praying for no more sickies for you all either! Hugs to little Lily. Hope she's 100% soon! (:

McMommy said...

I was just stopping by to say that..guess what..Carter and Lilly have the exact same birthday (feb 23rd!)....and then I read this post and almost started crying with you!! Being that they are the same age...and they are both our second babies...I feel like I really understand what you mean!
(in fact, tonight i just wrote a post all about this!)

I am praying with you that Lily gains more strength to fight off this terrible sickness!!! Hugs!

rebecca said...

I'm sorry KAte, for you and for Lily. How sad for her and sad for you to have to watch her struggle.
The chicken on the mask would have freaked Nik out!

amanda said...

lots of happy thoughts and prayers coming from my direction.

and yeah for your mama alarms!! thank goodness for them too :)

hugs to lilly and you both!!

Jodi said...

I'm so glad things are starting to look up for Miss Lil.

You take such good care of your girls when they're sick. I loved your perspective on why God is allowing these trials. You're doing a great job. :)

Anonymous said...

Ugggh! This sucks. Lincoln was stuck on those durn breathing treatments twice a day for 6 months when he came home from the hospital, and even now, when he gets a cold, we're back on them 6 times every day. We finally just bought a machine. Yuck. So sorry you have to go through this. Watching your little one go through an illness is so hard. Don't you just wish you could take over for them? I'll be praying for you...

TcH said...

Oh my gosh Kate, that is sooooo scary. I am so glad that you followed your mommy instinct and didnt take them to Mothers Club on Thursday. It was soooo cold and just CHILLY out there all morning.
Im so sorry about Lily. :- (


RachelC said...

Wow Kate, had no idea what you were dealing with this weekend. {{{hugs}}} Hope all goes well at follow up today!

Katie said...

Is she doing better? I was sad seeing her sitting there limp on Monday. Poor baby!