Tuesday, May 6, 2008


I pray everyday for creativity. Creativity in discipline, activities, and meals. The past two days I have seen lots of creative ideas for activities.

Here's two super-fabulous ones:

First, outside dinner:

This was great b/c it was beautiful and here in the Northwest we have seen nothing but rain and crazy weather. Nothing like dinner outside. My mom bought this little table for Lily's b-day and it has already been a fantastic purchase.

Two, snack at the McDonald's Drive thru for $2:

Clean-up was even more fun

I needed a diet coke and a break. So what a better way to get one, then putting the kids in the car and going through the drive-thru. I ordered one hot fudge sundae and a diet coke. We got home, I divided them up, and topped them off with sprinkles. Oh, the silence as they devoured it. This is heaven moms. And it works great if you have a young one trying to learn how to use a spoon.

One sub-fabulous, creative idea:

Story Time at the Library.

Hmmm..Well we met my friend Jodi there with her kids. Let's just say that Eloise might not be ready to sit still for story time. She was distracting Jack with her kisses, "head hugs", and attempts to do a summersault. I had this nice woman next to me let me know that this was the first time she has brought her daughter back in 6 months b/c she wouldn't sit still and she was mortified. She was very kind and let me know that it wasn't bothering her one bit. Jodi was very affirming of this as well. We'll work on this one.


Jodi said...


I don't think it was bothering anyone. And did you see that kid who kept turning around and pulling Jack's ear? Random?

For still being two and a half, I think she did great. :)

And how cute is Lily sitting at the table like a big girl?! I love eating outside too.

amanda said...

oh how i love to eat outside!! the girls look soo sweet :)

somedays i think drive thrus were invented just for moms!!

rebecca said...

I keep testing Nik out at puppet shows every 6 months. So far, it's a no go still.
As far as drive thrus, if only there were drive thru grocery shopping life would be perfect....or at least easier.

McMommy said...

Please keep the creative activity ideas coming!! I'm LOVING the drive-thru one! Easy and cheap and delicious!

Kate said...

Your drive through idea led to an intense preggo craving for me today!!! Without Langley, I drove through and enjoyed my sundae!


kate said...

the prego cravings. Just can't beat um. Glad I inspired you to partake in the goodness.

Katie said...

Hey there! Haven't been here in a while, so just wanted to save I love the template you are using. Mine is looking nice and boring. Maybe I need to update?