Monday, May 12, 2008

Starbucks Mug and an ipod

Happy (belated) Mother's Day to all my beautiful mommy friends! Hope you felt celebrated and your family offered you some sort of rest.

My cute family gave me a Starbucks Mug and and ipod shuffle. I was surprised at the ipod but now I'm pretty excited to start my journey.

First hurdle to conquer, using the ipod and becoming familiar with a new 'device'.

Second problem, workout tunes. I'm not the most well versed mama in hip music. Especially the kind that you listen to at the gym.

So...........those of you that know of some hip-hopping songs that would motivate this body to drop 10 lbs and 'bring sexy back' (don't worry, that one will be the first song added) I'm all ears. Let the list begin.


Cutzi said...

ooo! You'll love your ipod!

Go to itunes. Click on "music", click on "imix" then type in Jazzercise Inc. and it will bring up a ton of good aerobic-y music for you. Look specifically for R1-08 or R2-08. Have fun!

Jodi said...

My FAVORITE workout song is Fighter by Christina. Incidentally, I just made it my new ring tone a couple weeks ago.

I also love Stronger by Britney. Another one that I'm totally embarrassed to admit is Independent Love Song by Scarlet. I'm embarrassed to admit it because it took me two years to realize that the lyrics are all about sex, and that the song itself is horribly inappropriate. But when she hits that chorus? Oh man, I feel like I could run forever.

I've got a bunch more in my workout folder, and so does Jace. You'll have to come over and have a look-see.

rebecca said...

Umm, wish I could help you out but i am so out of sync with music it isn't even funny. Maybe it is because when I am rock climbing a hundred feet in the air I don't really want a sudden blast of music jolting me off the rock.
Yep, we'll go with that excuse.

amanda said...

wish i could help in the music dept but i am so outta touch with what's cool?? when i turn on the radio in the car i have no clue who i am listening too?? how sad is that?

but happy belated mommy day to you too :)

amy said...

My favorite when working out?
"When you're going through hell" by Rodney Atkins
I also love a new Cheryl Crow song, "out of our heads."

Of course the theology in both songs is really messed up. But for tunes to push you it's all about these!

kate said...

Thanks ladies...keep them coming, I'm so new to this whole thing.

amanda - all i listen to in the car is mickey mouse..I'm way more out of tune.

Katie said...

Love the iPod. I need some motivation to work out too! I am always embarassed of some of my work out songs but they are so fun. I have Fergie, the boy JT of course, Britney and some more. I'll have to bring my iPod for you to see some of the songs next week.