Thursday, June 19, 2008

can't think?

Moms of kids under 5:

Do you sometimes feel like you can't think? As if you know there is valid information in your brain roaming around, but you just can't manage to bring it up to the front of your brain to formulate a thought?

And then there is actually communicating those thoughts! Is it possible for you to have a conversation with another adult when your children are within 20 feet of you? And I'm not talking about them misbehaving near you, I'm just referring to their presence.

I have inability to focus, for more than 30 seconds, on any conversation, phone or in person, while my children are around. I simply cannot do it.

If we ever happen to be conversing and I'm looking at you, but you know my mind isn't there, I'm sorry. I love you dearly and deeply desire to focus on what you are saying. I think it's best we do coffee or e-mail. The phone? No that won't work either. Below is an example from tonight.

Calling Anglea:
me: Hey, how's it going?
A: good. What are you up to?

me: well.. (
about to divulge the day)
A: Willy starts crying. Just give him the milk (
talking to big Will)
me: do you need me to let you go?

A: no. Willy starts crying. yea, I'll call you back

Angela calls back:
me: okay where were we. Oh, so my mom just left.
A: how was that?
me: great. (eloise crying in bed) Eloise is crying, I'll call you back in 2 minutes.
A: okay

I call back:
A: that was quick
me: She just needed her books. She likes to sleep with books now.
A: lovely. So it was good with your mom.
me: (explaining the time. about 2 sentences in.)
A: I'll call you back.

It's a good thing Angela and I are such good friends, b/c I think someone else might bail and look for a new friend.

The above conversation happens multiple times a day. Most of the time I don't even think we have alot to say, we just want to converse with an adult.

This is something I NEVER knew about the impact of kids before I had them. Why didn't anyone tell me this?


McMommy said...

I have no idea why no one told us.

I feel the exact same way. It's probably the reason for my "If you love me, don't call me" theory.

Thanks for playing POW!

Dana said...

Yep, this is definately my life too. And really, why is it that they are all fine and dandy the second right before you pick up the phone, but as it's ringing all of a sudden they can't just keep on going like that?
I think there's a conspiracy. Probably with generations past who needed something to laugh about (cause they do laugh, well, my mom does anyway) and they probably encoded it in our DNA before we were born. Or something like I sounding crazy yet?

shelby said...

Oh my goodness....I thought it was just me...LOL. It seems to have gotten much worse now that I have two babies though. Yesterday I was at the clinique counter and the lady was trying to carry on this long conversation w/ me as I was holding one and toting another in the stroller. She was asking all these cosmetic skin questions and I was blabbering off answers just trying to hurry up and get my products. She surely thought I was an idiot. My brain just doesn't focus on much outside of children these days. That is why I take every opportunity to go to the grocery by myself. On the way and way home....I chat on the phone w/ my friends!!

Carol said...

So so true!!

I found never speaking in on the phone improved my life considerably. The second I came into close proximity to a receiver my kids just go crazy!!

I guess blogging is my new form of communication that they haven't caught onto yet!

Allikaye's Mama said...

That is so true! And I only have one so far! I found you through Amanda at Life Long PLaydate...glad I did!!