Sunday, June 1, 2008

six years

Six years ago today, Dave and I, and our newly married selves, packed up a U-haul and moved from Bellingham, Washington to Portland, Oregon. It's been a crazy ride ever since.

We had no idea what we were jumping into, let alone who we were as a married couple. I knew this was the move God had for us, but I didn't know how I was going to cope without my wonderful friends.

The moment we pulled into town, I sobbed. Uncontrollable sobbing. The "Ugly Cry". I didn't stop for 9 months. It was a LONG nine months. And just today, as Dave and I were talking, he told me for the first time, he knew the job wasn't right and had to hold it together for me. Man, that must have been tough.

If you would have asked us that day where we thought we would be in 6 years, I'm sure we would have told you that high school youth would be the center of our life. I pictured kids but didn't think much beyond that. I just pictured bliss and that's the way ignorance works.
Today, we sat in almost the same pew we sat in when we arrived at our church, and watched the high school seniors graduate. They were the entering class when we left. The pastor made reference to the fact that they didn't want to be the class that was forgotten and it stung just a bit. I loved those kids and desperately wanted to minister in whatever way I could to them, but I needed to be first to my husband and he was being called away from his position. They have made their mark and will not be forgotten.

What the last 6 years here has brought I would never want to go through again, but I would never trade it for anything. We suffered through some of the rockiest times yet in our marriage and we came out 100 times stronger b/c of it. Our faith grew in ways that it needed to for us to be compassionate to those suffering in ministry. And we developed a stronger sense of God's direction in all areas of our lives.

Beyond ministry, personally, we have many friends now. Friends that enrich our lives and our children's lives. In those 6 years, we have developed a dinner club with four other families that has continued to meet every Thursday for 5 years. We are approaching baby #13!

I can't say that we haven't pursued moving back to Bellingham many times. We dearly miss our friends there too, but for now, God has said, stay. And here we are living day to day in Portland. We are learning more about what it means to love God daily and most of all, Love others and teach our children to do the same.

To our friends here, we love you and thank you for your support. To our friends in Bellingham, we love you, miss you and thank you for your support too. We'll see you this summer.


TcH said...

Hey Kate
thanks for this post. It brought me to tears. I was just sitting here thinking how blessed I am to know you, and to call you a friend. I told Nate the other night how much I enjoy hanging out with you. You are so REAL but you are real w/o being judgmental. If that makes sense? I hope that doesn't sound offensive, b/c I don't mean it to be.
I feel comfortable with you, that I can be myself and express who I am with out walls up. I don't do that easily, and not many people see the side of me that you do. I think that comes b/c you are so easy to be with, and you exude authenticity and care.

I have learned a lot from you about being a mom, and a cook! :- )

You have many wonderful gifts. I am glad that God brought you to us. Do I wish you had to go through the pain and the trials? No..... but I am grateful that you can look back now and see why, and feel stronger from it.


Jodi said...


I like you. And I'm so glad you live in Portland.

Kate said...

I'm so proud of you two - in a "i'm the same age of you and not trying to sound like your mother" way. Really, what a giant leap you took - all because both of you wanted to support and be strong for each other. I rembmer walking the beach with you in Ocean Shores right after you and Dave started dating and you being so surprised by what God was offering you with him. Your family is beautiful and strong and I admire you and am proud of you, all at the same time!

Cutzi said...

I just love hearing about the journey God has brought you on. Isn't it good to look back on our lives and see all that God has done? I love it.

kate said...

you gals are great! thanks for the support.

amanda said...

oh the ugly cry.

been there done that. many times.

but so glad to hear that everything has worked out. it's amazing how it always does.

The Horne's said...

I know we don't really know eachother (I know you guys from camp) but I stumbled on your blog from Aimee and Jono's page, and happened to read this blog.
It's so funny how God works in our lives. We have lived in Bham since getting married, and last July we got a phone call for a job that my husband felt he needed to take. The next month we packed everything up and moved down to Kirkland. I'm from Bothell so I didn't think the change would be too hard. I sobbed for 7 months straight, but KNEW God would bring us back to Bellingham. The job didn't work out and we realized what we had in Bellingham. But it took God removing us from here, to teach us some VERY good lessons.
He is so great!
So 8 months later - we were living back in Bellingham, I had my exact same jobs, and we live in the same condo complex we moved out of - but everything is 10 times better!!
Thanks for letting me read your encouraging post!

Heidi (La Bahmbah)