Sunday, June 22, 2008


Do you ever have those moments when you wish you had a personal photographer to capture all those cute moments with your family?

Today, I did.

Without thinking, I dressed myself and the girls in bold flower print dresses and white sweaters. I'm not kidding when I did this on accident. I'm not into matchy, matchy. Thankfully, no one noticed.

We are teaching Eloise and Lily to hold hands and it is quite possibly the most tenderhearted thing I've ever seen.

We told them to hold hands, and with the other hand, hold mommy or daddy. We all walked out of church hand in hand. Eloise kept telling Lily that she couldn't let go yet b/c cars would squish her and Lily tried to steer the family into jumping puddles.

It was such a sweet moment that I wish could have been captured. I'll have it in my mind for a day when they are in their teens and don't want to be within 15 feet of each other.


amanda said...

oh yes i have so had those moments. too many to count really.

yours sounds like a keeper...and you are right, you will want to "see" it many times when they are teens ":)