Saturday, June 14, 2008


I've never taken my kids to the grocery store. Just thinking about it right now makes me anxious.

When my friends tell me they just went to the grocery store, I always ask shockingly, "Did you take your kids?". ummm, yeah. I guess, what else would they do.

Dave is home during the day so it makes it easy to do things without the girls. I just picture major meltdown's if I take them to places I really need to get things done, like the grocery store. My friends are starting to tell me that I can't come meet them for errands without bringing my kids. I think they are bitter.

Ladies, I'm just not ready. We'll stick with our Target play dates, but the grocery store, we won't be gracing those isles anytime soon.


Kate said...

You may actually have fun with Eloise at the store...try taking just her. The key - don't take her when you are in a rush and have her help you find the things on your list (I'm looking for something green). If she asks for something not on the list, say "sorry, we only get things on the list!" You can do it!! And, worse case scenario, you abandon that cart and come back later.

TcH said...

OHHH really???? I dont know how I would do with BOTH of them there, but I bet you would have fun with Eloise for sure. Kambrie is my "helper" and she helps me with my list
You should try it! One kiddo at a time!! You can do it, I have faith in you : -)

rebecca said...

I totally understand about being anxious about going. I am always stressed out even a couple DAYS before i know i have to go to the store with both of them, BUT it almost always turns out just fine. Really! I always take snacks for NIk, otherwise the cashiers have to weigh him due to all the grapes he eats before we make it to the checkout:) However, if Tone' were home during the day, I would NEVER take my kids. I am so with you on this one.

McMommy said...

HA! Now that is funny. And quite possibly VERY smart of you.

I TRY not to go the grocery store with both kids anymore. It gets a little too aggrevating, you know?

Melinda said...

Well I hate to brag but I just took my THREE kids to the grocery store yesterday. Not that I enjoyed it. Noelle and Wyatt kept pulling on the cart and walking in front of it which drives me crazy because I can't see them over the top of Logan's car seat perched on the front of the cart. I am in constant fear of running over them. I have to yell at them multiple times to come walk by me at the back of the cart. Noelle keeps saying "I'm tiring of this grocery store." and Wyatt wants to get in and out of the cart. Logan of course sleeps peacefully and then wakes up to smile at strangers from his car seat. I had a short list yesterday but there were several things not on the list that I thought to get while shopping and then forgot to get them. I did however succumb to the Cool Mint Oreos.
I try to establish the rules as we head into the store, "No running, No yelling, No fighting, No crying, ect" It really seems to help to remind them of the rules before we go in. I also have them help find items on my list for me which helps alot. It is not fun most of the time but when you pull off a great trip to the grocery store with your kids you feel like the best mom in the world.

amanda said...

i totally get it. i can hardly handle one at the grocery store. pretty sure when babe #2 arrives - mommy will be going solo!!