Tuesday, June 3, 2008

wee wee's and nu nu's

Eloise is obsessed with boys and girls and their different "parts". If there is a baby within 10 feet of her getting their diaper changed, she is right there to make sure the mama knows what anatomy that baby has.

Here in our house we call the girl parts, nu nu. This is taken from the Davis household.

Boy parts are called wee wee's. This just happened.

Tonight as I'm putting Eloise to sleep we were talking about the baby brother's and sister's of our dinner club. I then started talking about how she is a big sister and her friend Jack is a big brother. This is her response.

Eloise: "Yeah. Jack has a wee wee and I have a nu nu."


Kate said...

As you know...in my household, we are into using the anatomical terms. However, Langley is having a hard time with her "v" sound occasionally. So, right now, it's a bagina. Ahh parenting, can't wait for the birds and the bees talk!

amanda said...

tee hee :)

can i be honest and say that i am not exactly looking forward to the naming of the parts??

ahhh mommyhood!

McMommy said...

Oh, that's so funny!! Leave it to Eloise to tell it like is!

TcH said...

we just call it a potty place.
it doesn't matter whose it is, it's just a potty place
although I have been waiting for her to ask why Gabe looks different when I have been changing his diaper! eeks!!!

The Mrs. said...

oh my three year old uses the anatomical terms and is very into discussing what might have a "wee wee" and what does not. I was just informed yesterday that skunks do not have "wee wees" they have tails. I dont know if preschool is going to appreciate his "lessons" next year!