Sunday, June 15, 2008

Our Daddy Rocks!

Today we celebrated Dave by the girl's wearing, 'Our Daddy Rocks' shirts to church. He thought it was so great. Lily even got super excited when she saw him after church and she yelled, 'Daddy' and ran as fast as she could to jump into his arms.

I love these shirts. The one Lily has on was worn by Eloise on Dave's first father's day. The one Eloise is wearing was given to us by my friend Katie. Her daughter Langley wore it (at age 2) to celebrate her daddy Cory who died 3 years ago next month. It reminds me to be thankful for the wonderful husband and father I have in Dave. I appreciate all that he is and strives to be as a dad. We feel honored to have this shirt in memory of Cory.

Langley now has a father in heaven and her daddy bill here on earth. We hope she, and all the other little ones had a great time celebrating their daddy's.


amanda said...

how sweet is that?

hope daddy day was lots of fun!!

Kate said...

Loved loved loved that shirt, Kate! And so did Cory! So glad Eloise is enjoying it! Maybe baby can have it passed back down when she's done? Thanks for the sweet thoughts.....our daddy's day is blogged now too!

kate said...

new baby can definitely have that shirt. It's going to get lots of daddy celebrating.