Thursday, June 26, 2008

Confession #2

I bought this. And I LOVE it!

Okay, I know it's an extravagant purchase but guess what? I got it for $88 dollars!!!!

Here's how:
Originally priced: $579.00 (I know, so expensive. Pick those jaws up off the floor, there's more.)
30% discount online
total online: $428.00 (with free shipping)

So to make this dollar amount a little less of a blow to our checking account, I frantically did this:
Sold existing double jogger: $125 (bought for $75 off craigslist)
Sold baby backpack: $65 (bought for $50, CL)
Sold Double stroller $150 ( LOVE this stroller, good one if you want a mall one, highly recommend)

After all said and done, Bob Revolution Duallie - $88!

I'm going to give myself a big pat on the back for that one.


Cutzi said...

Good job Kate! I'm impressed!

We have this one and love it - it's nice 'cause it goes on the trail and fits in the mall (not that we go to the mall much...). A good stroller that you like is a great investment.

TcH said...

holy crap. people pay that for strollers??? excuse my "french"
I am so proud of you!!! You got that stroller for CHEAP!!
Look at you go!! I love how you made some serious bank on the double jogger that you had! Good for you!!
When I figure out if I am done having kids or not, I need you to help me sell all of my baby stuff! Your such a pro!!!!

amanda said...

yeah for you!!

you soo deserve a pat on the back!!

and how about a long distance high five from kansas??

Anonymous said...

That is an AWESOME deal! Good for you for selling all of your items for a profit!!! (: That's gotta feel good!

Anonymous said...

Still just a wee bit jealous that you got yours for such a deal. Should have had you with me when I bought mine.... Still love it though!

emily said...

we actually got this stroller during the fall REI sale, in anticipation of numero dos. with the members discount and our dividend, it was a pretty sweet deal, but definitely more than 88 bucks! nice job on the craigslist "flips"!

Karen Owens said...

I love your Mod Poge art on Rocks in my Dryer Blog! Very sweet.

Amy said...

I saw your art at Rocks in My Dryer, too! I love those flowers...maybe someday I'll have a girl so I can make some flowers like yours! :)

Allikaye's Mama said...

I am impressed! Way to go! And I love me same Craig's List!!