Sunday, September 14, 2008

3rd b-day party

We had such a fun time celebrating Eloise's birthday with all our friends and family. It was a "yum-yum" (M&M's) party. There was LOTS of sugar...but it was great fun!

The birthday girl and her new trike from Nana and Papa

Great Friends!

Wonderful gifts!

Great Food!

Silly Kids!

tired sister

proud parents
beautiful 3 year old Eloise


TcH said...

Ummm who is the kid peeing in you yard at the party??? Oh my! ha ha.

Eloise looks SO pretty in that picture you posted of her.

Im sorry we missed it. :- (

that cake you made is ADORABLE!!! job well done!!!!

Shelby said...

that was a FAB cake Kate! Elosie looked just beautiful! Job well done! You don't happen to have any online resources for party ideas (possibly princess


Casey said...

Wow Kate! That looked amazing! Maybe I really should reconsider having kids at K's party.

What a great momma you are and E is such a beauty!

The Horne's said...

So the kid peeing! So fun to see Jodi's kids and Aimee and Jono's! How fun!

RachelC said...

She is stunning Kate! What a great party!

AnonyMe said...

What a gorgeous photo of Eloise!! Love it!!

Kate said...

Oh, so cute! Love the cake!

Jodi said...

Yeeaahhhh...who IS that kid peeing in your yard right in the middle of your daughter's birthday party? I just don't know.....

We had such fun celebrating with your pretty girl!

Unknown said...

Her eyes are just such an amazing color!

amanda said...

honey that cake looks awesome??

feel like flyin to kansas in a month to make one for beans??

kate said...

thanks ladies

amanda - i'm there.

shelby - google your theme and I promise you'll come up with tons of ideas.

jodi - yeah, whose kid is that?