Wednesday, September 10, 2008

nana's house part one

Last weekend, I had planned to celebrate a weekend away with the girls, katie, breeze, and angela. Poor Katie, who is 7 months pregnant, got the horrific stomach flu and so did her daughter. Her flight was canceled and so was girls weekend.

When I told Dave the weekend was off and the girls and I would be staying home, a horrified look crossed his face. This is NO WAY means that he does not love his family, it's just that we had an agreement. He would watch the girls while I was in NYC and I would take them to my moms for girls weekend so he could have a break. He was paranoid his manly weekend would be canceled. Which, btw, consists of him sleeping in until noon and going to movies.

We borrowed a DVD player and we were off to Nana's. Lily drove.. Isn't that hilarious!

What did our eyes behold when we arrived...DRESS UP CLOTHES!

Until now, Eloise has not been into princesses, dress up clothes, or all the other girlie things. Until, last week at Dinner Club when she spent the entire time in her friend, Noelle's play clothes and jewelry. So they obsession began.

My mom had two dresses from when my nieces were young. Eloise has been living in hers ever since and Lily, well, she only likes it every once in a while. Eloise loves to twirl.

As if dress up clothes weren't good enough, there were KITTY'S!

My parents have a farm separate from their house with cows, pigs, and kittens. The girls were in love. The kittens were so kind to these two little girls mauling them. Here's evidence. (the pictures are a bit fuzzy b/c they were moving so fast my camera didn't have time to catch up)

Eloise with Oreo

Lily with Pepper

enjoying a moment of peace, sort of.
Those poor cats. They are going to be traumatized every time we visit.


Kate said...

So cute. Are you sure that Oreo lived through that hug? Love the pictures of Lily driving. SO wish I had been with you all this weekend instead of lots and lots of vomit. Uggh. We have to use that Southwest credit before March! Love you

LDraper said...

Did you, by chance, visit Joann's when you were in town?? I think I saw you! You were across the parking lot and I was attempting to get my kids out of the car in time to hop over and say hi... you were too fast! :)

kate said...

Lindsey - I was. We popped in to find a few things for eloise's party. So sad I missed you. I'll let you know next time we're in town.

amanda said...

oh be still my heart...

that picture with lily and the cat!! she is in love honey!!

sooo sweet!!