Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Random thoughts

>Three words keep coming to mind. (mostly during prayer) Lean. Consume. Gluttony. You would think these would just pertain to food, but I'm finding it's all facets of my life. Am I willing to live lean financially? And give the excess to others in various ways? Do I consume more than I need? Am I consuming Christ in all His glory? Am I being gluttonous with wanting more and more and more? (This also pertains to food, which I love, especially sweet treats!) It will be interesting to see where the Lord leads.

>I've been thinking about another baby. Just thinking, people!

>I want to buy every pair of cute leggings at Target for Eloise and Lily. And the babydoll tops to match. It's Target, of course they have cute things.

>I'm thinking about doing preschool for Eloise (and Lily b/c she loves her sister and can't stand to be away from her for more than 5 minutes). I'm probably going to copy my friend Jodi with the ABC's throughout the year. Because, why reinvent the wheel?

>I need another cooking client. Any takers?

>Eloise still has binki's (still the 0-6 month ones) and turns 3 in two weeks. Should I be worried? She loves to hold them more than anything. I really don't want to rip off the band-aid. It sounds absolutely horrible. And it's not like she's walking around Target with them in (not that that is in any way bad).

> Last week I went to the grocery store 4 times. I almost burst a vein in my head when I realized on the last trip that I may have forgotten something. I remembered...phew!

>And this is just too funny for words. That's the dog. She really did take it everywhere. Even to the potty. She will really hate me for this one. She's not pooping, just waiting on mom to wipe.


Cutzi said...

I really like all these thoughts Kate. I was going to comment on each individually but then this would go from being a "comment" to... well, you know. I just like them. They're good and thoughtful. The way thoughts ought to be. Maybe this will do - one word for each:

1. Wise
2. Yay!
3. Buy
4. Special (in the truest sense)
5. Sorry
6. Fine
7. Likewise
8. Hilarious

Kate said...

Clip a tiny piece off the tip of all of her binkies...when she isn't watching. She won't like them after that, because they lose their suction and don't feel as good. OR try the "I'm sending them to babies that don't have any" and let her replace them with a new toy/animal. She'll do great!

Allikaye's Mama said...

I am with ya on so many of your random thoughts! First - I have the same problem with those leggings and tops at Target!! Second, Allikaye is a "sucker" for the 0-6 month binkies too! And who cares?! It's not like she will suck on them for the rest of her life! That's what I say! hehe!
And I love the potty pic! So funny! You'll have to use that one again when she is older - she'll love it!

Blessings From Above said...

I saw those leggings and babydoll tops at Target. They were soooooo cute! Actually made me wish I had a baby girl to buy for.