Monday, September 29, 2008


This weekend we headed home to celebrate my grandmother's 80th birthday. It was a big party with lots of friends and family.

My grandmother is amazing. She has survived 4 cancer's (throat, colon, breast and lung) and is currently experience congestive heart failure. My grandfather died 8 years ago next month and if she survived living with him for 50+ years, she can survive anything. LOL

As an only child, she has produced 4 children, leading to 9 grandchildren and therefore, 13 great-grandchildren. (she started young)

Whenever she comes to my house, it's always her mission to shine my sink to perfection and make sure the kitchen is clean after every meal.

Pie crust made from scratch is the only way to go and she has the corner market on the perfect crust. Mixing just the right amount of shortening and ice cold water.

She never sits still. After lung surgery to remove the cancer, she was attempting to work in the garden and slipped and broke her shoulder. There is no mystery as to where I get my tendency to go and go until sheer exhaustion. However, I have learned to modify that behavior.

As a good Catholic woman, she has served well. Offering communion throughout the week to those who are housebound, serving at the local donation center that her church offers and helping to teach ESL to the Hispanic community. She knows Jesus is her saving grace and looks forward to meeting him someday. Hopefully not too soon.

Happy birthday Grandma
the best picture we muster up. how come i'm the only one looking?


Kate said...

Adorable picture - you look like one hot mama, my friend! Skinny minnie! Cute hair! Love the shirt and necklace!

kate said...

thanks..but it just seems like I'm skinny b/c you are 8 months pregnant :)

TcH said...

No, you are skinny! I was thinking that. You look GREAT. Love that shirt.
Eloise looks LESS than thrilled to be there. hee hee.
Your Granmda is cute.

amanda said...

honey your grandma looks amazing!!

wow - such a special bday!!

happy birthday grandma :)

Dena said...


whoo hoo