Thursday, September 25, 2008

listen up boys

The girls and I were on our way to a friend's house for dinner. While sitting at a stop light I glanced over at a teenage couple standing at the crosswalk.

They were both around 15, dressed normally and I didn't think much of them until a slight hand movement caught my further attention.

At first, he moved closer to her. He casually rubbed her back to give the indication that they were dating. Cute, respectful. Looks very this point.

Then, his hand slowly moved down to grace the booty. That's right, he was feeling out her booty! What in the world was this boy doing? The mama in me and the woman in me wanted to yell out the window, "get your slimy hand off her ass!"

When did 15 year olds start acting like...? I would say a married couple here, but I don't remember the last time Dave touched my booty in public (um, never). Or for that matter...ANYONE!

As a mother of only girls, I can tell you that I want the utmost respect for my girls when it comes to dating relationships. And that is one of my greatest prayers is that the young women I raise would be confident, honorable, loyal, committed, and most of all, self-respecting. I want them to be what I could not muster up the strength to be. Someone who says...'wait, my future is worth more'.

Fifteen is so young to me. And it reminds me that this was a time in my life that I made significant decisions that led me down a path that was not corrected until I was in my 20's. I'm well aware that people need to make their own decisions and mistakes, but matters of sexuality and intimacy are deeply wounding and I will do anything to spare my girls from that. I pray the Lord gives me the patience, grace, instruction, and tools to help teach them and guide them through these decisions.

To all those 15 year old boys (b/c I know they are all reading my blog), "keep your hands to yourself!"


Kate said...

Love your entry, Kate....but in reality - you will have to be cautious of boy MUCH younger than 15! When I go to games at the high school Bill coaches, I am blown away by what I see! Unfortunately, 15 and touching her booty is probably very innocent in this day and age. Oh boy, I sound like a grandma!

Jodi said...

Well the mama of a future fifteen-year-old is reading your blog and I guarantee he will grow up to be a respectful and honorable young man. That story makes my heart break.

kate said...

Thanks jodi - I'll make sure they use jack as an example.