Tuesday, September 16, 2008

what do these have in common?

Cabbage Salad

Garbage Disposal

Mac and Cheese Crockpot Recipe


It all started off innocently last night when I proceeded to throw away a leftover Chinese chicken salad from Eloise's party. I didn't want to throw it in the trash b/c we have the mighty garbage disposal. Don't those things handle everything? It's the next best thing to a chipper, right?

Um, no. Apparently the sheer volume of salad I threw away didn't bode well for the mechanics of this almighty disposal. And our pipes.

You guessed it, CLOG! I didn't think much of it last night b/c the water went down. No big deal, problem solved. Until....5 p.m. this evening. More on that in a moment.

After a sigh of relief over a potential clogged drain had passed, I moved on to my new exciting adventure. Crockpotting.

I love to cook. Crockpot's don't really excite me, but all my friends are trying it so the peer pressure set it.

I decided to try a few this week and I began with the mac and cheese recipe. The blog I went to did note that I was to proceed with caution b/c so many people had difficulty with it. Curdling, pasta not cooking right, not setting up, etc. But I cook part time for a living so how hard can this be? (what's that saying, pride goes before a fall.)

2 hours later, the mac and cheese was just as the commenter's had described it. A curdled, mushy, gross mess. And I used 1/2 a brick of cheese! Okay, it's not a big deal, just throw it out.

On top of this ruined meal, my kids were whining as if it gets them whatever they want and Dave and I seemed on edge. I put the kids down for naps, Dave went to the gym and I went straight to quiet time with the Lord. It was wonderfully refreshing and just what I needed to remind myself that he is sovereign.

It's a good thing my heart and mind settled b/c 5 pm. hit and so did "you know what" to the fan.

Our washer was flooding our garage. Apparently that cabbage salad hadn't gone down the way I thought.

Yep, I backed up all the pipes. Dave was at work and he is SO not handy. I called over our friend Tone and his wife and kids and they were so sweet to come help me out. Tone worked like a champ to get this clog out with no luck. But he did save Dave a ton of time trying to figure out the problem.

So tomorrow Dave is headed for Home Depot to rent the monster snake to get this thing going. The sad part is, we have experience in this snake rental. And not b/c of a previous cabbage salad but b/c some idiot put lame pipes in our house.

Pray for Dave tomorrow. He doesn't do well in situations that require patience and quick thinking. I'm praying the Lord gives him quick hands, swift thinking and a patient heart. And that I will be an encourager and a help to him as he needs it. We also can't use our sink, so the dishwasher is filled and there are still dirty dishes on the counter. I'm wondering what's on tap for dinner tomorrow. I don't think it's going to be a Crockpot meal.


TcH said...

Oh no Kate. A house with no water/pipes?? Ugh.
Im so sorry. If you need/want to come over tomorrow to WASH or clean something or just hang out, let me know! ((hugs))

I gave up trying to put salad/cucumber/potato peels etc.. in our disposal b/c we always ended up with issues. It sucks huh? :- (

amanda said...

oh uck friend :(

hoping today goes much better!!

and note to self, not making the crock pot mac n cheese :)

Jodi said...

I'm pretty sure I know what recipe you're talking about. I seriously considered trying it but was scared off by her warning. I'll definitely be crossing it off my list now.

Casey said...

Kate - I love your writing and you wit! It's always a pleasure reading your blog. Hope you get your plumbing back soon!

Along For the Ride said...

Oh man! That happened to us a while ago. The BAD thing is that Trav knows how to fix that stuff and he thought he was going to have to cut through the wall. Because of his crazy school schedule we had to go TWO weeks without either a dishwasher or a sink. I had to wash dishes in the utility sink in the laundry room. Needless to say - I am paranoid if almost anything goes down there. I think our biggest downfall was a big thing of rice. I never want that to happen again! I'm glad it's fixed now!