Monday, September 8, 2008


We have been buried in activities, dress up clothes, trips to nanas, and a first time visit to the Puyallup Fair. All have been fun. I'll post more this week of all our fantastic pictures and adventures.

This was our activity of the week last week. Dollar store spray bottles.

This was great, but Lily had a hard time getting her little hands to work the trigger. I wrote their names on them and let the girls decorate the bottles with stickers. Eloise loved it and had great fun squirting mama. I think the line was, "Mama turn around." squirt squirt

Last week we also enjoyed a great dinner with our friends Jace and Jodi and their 3 little kiddos. I love this little pic of eloise holding baby Maisie (did I spell that right Jodi?). After this picture was taken, M started crying and Eloise threw her hands up and said, "I'm all done".

That night, Dave asked her if she wanted a baby sister.

D: Eloise, do you want a baby sister?
E: No, I already have a baby sister, baby lily?
D: Do you want a baby brother?
E: No, I already have a baby sister, baby lily? I'm okay, I have enough babies.


Jodi said...

That picture is so cute! I love the expression on Eloise's face. How hilarious that she's "okay" in the baby department. :)

amanda said...

i'm okay, i have sweet is that friend??

and who doesn't love a dollar store squirt bottle!!

Angela said...

There are never enough babies, Weezy. Never.

Shelby said...

Sooo cute Kate! Eloise's hair is getting so long (: Great idea on the squirt bottles. My kiddos would love that....outside of course ;)

Allikaye's Mama said...

Ha! I love those little conversations!! Oh, and you can't hide...I know you are an a-maz-ing cook - so come over to my spot and share a favorite fall recipe! You must!! Please! Okay - I'll stop begging! :0)