Monday, October 13, 2008

the great binki fairy

The binki fairy made my job so easy. I completely stole this idea off SuperNanny, so I really can't take any credit. Here's the timeline of events.

Walking out to the mailbox to get her special gift from the Binki Fairy

Getting it out of the mailbox

Heading to put all her binki's in the envelope. (it's 7 p.m. - of course we need shades)

Putting the binki's back in the mailbox

The next morning! We made it! Her special gift from the binki fairy.

The suspense is building, what did she bring.

It's a...

...Princess dress (She loves to dress up, so it's a big pretty dress to twirl in)

Tips and Tricks:
*Every kid is different and their love of binki's are too. Eloise used it only at naptime and nighttime. We weaned her early on of using it during the day (probably 9 months or so). But she did love to hold them. She always had 4 in her bed and made sure they were in her hands. This was what worried me the most. We made sure she had a sippy cup and a few other favorite comfort items close by.

*We talked about the binki fairy ALOT. So much that she started talking about when the binki fairy was going to come. We knew we had to jump on it or we would pass our window.

*I had to set my mindset to the fact that this was not only the breaking of a habit but a grieving process for her. That sounds TOTALLY cheesy, but it made me have ALOT of compassion for her when she was crying. She had this for 3 years! If I had something that long everytime I went to sleep, I would be sad too.

*Following the above, tenderness. When she cried, I made sure to say, "I know it's hard, but remember where the binki fairy took them, to all the babies". I kept reminding her that the binki fairy was coming in the morning with a special gift. We also did LOTS of cuddles.

*I knew it was going to take a LONG time for her to fall asleep the first night and I had to be okay with that. We tried to skip her nap that day, but she fell asleep. I would recommend skipping the nap. It made tonight, so much easier.

*the middle of the night was hard, but I let Dave deal with that ;)

*Prepare for the worst and hope for the best. It will only last a few days and then you will be back on track.

*She did ask for it at naptime, but we reminded her again where they went and she snapped out of it really quick. She didn't take a nap, just a rest so I'm eager to see when she'll nap again.

*remember: what works for some, may not work for the rest.

Good luck all you binki fairy's.


TcH said...

Those pictures sort of made me almost cry. Especially the one where she is looking at the box with so much excitement. she looks so grown up.
I'm digging her shades. She is hilarious.
K had those same jammies that Lily is wearing. I love those jammies. All stretched over their little chubby tummies and diaper bums. Awwww I miss those days : )


Good job Kate and Dave!!!

Shelby said...

Way to go miss Eloise! Great support momma Kate!

amanda said...

yay for the binki fairy!!

and yay for eloise :)

Anonymous said...

Awesome. Hopefully our transition will go as smoothly :)

Allikaye's Mama said...

Oh my! Thank you for the advice! I am not looking forward to getting rid of Allikaye's! She loves them too! And she sleeps with lots in her bed too! I am going to come back to you for advice when it is time! Ah...makes me nervous!

rebecca said...

Yipes! Luke is hitting nine months in 2 days, I can't imagine weaning him from daytime use, but i also don't want to have to wean a 3 year old from it even a weaning we shall go.
You are so creative Kate, even if you did steal the idea, you were creative enough to put if together and pull it off. Good job Mama.

Casey said...

Wow Kate! That's great! We've talked about the binky fairy to K, but she always tells me that she can go see her friend, but is NOT coming to our house! I think it's going to take a 12 step program...

Katie said...

You are so creative! I just love the ways you figure out how to teach your girls and transition them. You are a good mommy!

Dena said...

you are great. we had Jessica make a build a bear "binkie bear" stuffed with her binkies. the binkie was totally just comfort for her--so we traded it for the comfy bear to snuggle. it worked sorda...she never tried to get into the bear, but she found her finger. BLEH. She's going to be 4 on Sunday and I think she's almost grown out of it. But MAN that took forever.

I wonder if the binkie fairy would have worked much better.

Isaac wants NOTHING to do with binkies but LOVES his nighttime bottle...any ideas for getting off of THAT terrible habit?

(I must be crazy--I haven't told anyone of this bad habit) except for now the whole blog world knows....oh no. :)

Thanks Kate.

Anonymous said...

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