Friday, October 10, 2008

why pee?

My girls have an obsession with water. Eloise would drink it by the gallon and Lily insists on it at every turn.

I believe that water is a great drink for kids. I never had juice growing up and I don't think it adds any nutritional value anyway. But I do understand that some kids would rather go into dehydration than drink a drop of water, so in that case, juice might be your next best option.

Eloise is potty trained, except for nighttime. Lily, well, I have no goal for potty training her, she will just do it. But this nighttime diaper thing is really starting to break me down.

This morning I go in to get Lily at 7 a.m. After cuddling her for a moment, I notice that the front of my bathrobe is wet. That's weird.

I walk over to her bed and feel around. She has peed through her jammies. Okay, I know the drill, let's just take off the sheets, jammies, and all the other pee items. Of course, as I'm trying to pry Lily's jammies off her, she's yelling, "Jammies On. Jammies On!". At this point Eloise isn't up, so I'm trying my best to keep her from screaming.

I change out of my pee drenched bathrobe and into my sweats. Lily is watching the Wiggles and I turn the coffee pot on. I figure I have another 1/2 hour before Eloise gets up.

Nope. She's awake.

When Eloise wakes up it goes something like this, (yelling) "MOM. CAN YOU GET ME SOME MILKY PLEASE?" This is the first thing this child says every morning.

I get her some milk and pull back the blankets. And what do my mommy eyes behold...PEE stained sheets and jammies. Are you kidding me? Again?

I get her out of bed, jammies and diaper off. Of course the entire time, she can't break her mouth away from the sippy cup making this process all that much more tedious.

I tear off the sheets and send her out to the couch. As I'm walking back out of the room I step on something wet and soak my feet. Gross. I left the diaper on the floor and I've just soaked my sweats and my foot.

It's not even 8 a.m. and I'm covered in pee.

One would think that I took a shower right away. No. This is normal. Doesn't phase me anymore. It happens about 2 times a week on average. I cleaned myself off best I could and headed straight for my coffee.

There really is nothing like motherhood to teach you humility and grace.

*note: I try hard not to give them water before bed and I need to buy the 'good' diapers to solve this problem.


Jodi said...


I feel your pain.

Cutzi said...

Adia doesn't seem to soak out her diapers these days - but I used to buy just one size up for night time. I would also buy night time pull ups - seemed to help a bit.

Ahhhhh....pee. And poop. Motherhood is such a glamorous job. ;-)

amanda said...

humility and grace.

so very true.

who knew?

Anonymous said...

You make me laugh...believe me stick to the coffee and keep laughing for soon they will be out of diapers:) Miss you friend....better than puking right?? haha HAPPY weekend!! Jenny

Shelby said...

Kate...are you sure you didn't come to my house and experience!! Right there with ya momma...mily reqests, sippy stuck to face and all! Both my kids LOVE water and don't drink juice either.

kate said...

Jodi - I thought of you the whole time writing this. You had poop to wake up to. I may have just gone balistic with that one.

cutzi - the one size up diaper is the problem. I do keep going up. It's comical now. Someday as Jenny says, they are out of diapers.

Shannon said...

I just sat down after having a similar experience. Perfect timing. It's great how blogs help you feel less alone in all of this. Thanks for sharing.

klyn said...

The story you related is the exact reason why 1) my children are as far apart as they are, 2) I only ended up with two of them, and 3) why I refuse to allow any animal into our home that I would have to toilet train.

But, lest you feel that I can no longer remember what you are going through because of the vast ages of my kids, I'll leave you with my woe that still plagues me and at times almost pushes me over the edge to insanity: children having a lack of urinary muscle control into the double digits years.

TcH said...

ah ha! I love this post
you have such a great outlook Kate.
I love you! ((hugs))