Sunday, October 19, 2008

sought after lady

This is Themina. I found her hanging out on Dave's nightstand.

This is the only doll my girls have. They have lots of babies, but no dolls. Themina made her way into the house last Christmas via her cousin Tristan and has been well loved ever since

She's a Snap-N-Go girl. Her outfits snap on and off for easy changes. The clothes have found there way into the bottom of some toy basket in the house never to be found again. Thankfully, her makers decided not to leave her naked and exposed for all the world to see.

Her popularity is based solely on who has her at the moment. If Eloise is washing her hair (which she often does at bath time) than Lily for sure wants to play with her. If Lily is trying to snap on her hard-to-find clothes, than Eloise snatches her out of Lily's hand bringing forth a blood curdling scream and lots of broad swipes from Lily. And we all know what follows...meltdowns.

Today she stands alone. Traded in for Mickey hands, puzzles, and princess dresses. She's currently staring at me as I write this. I'm half wondering if she's going to make her way to the bottom of a toy box or if the girls will renew their interest in her again. Should I move her or wait to see who grabs her first?

I think I'll wait. The house is much quieter that way.


Cutzi said...

My favorite two words in this whole post?

Broad Swipes

I could imagine it so clearly in my head for some reason....

Jodi said...

Loving this post. And I love Themina. She looks sassy (in the good way) and I totally dig her platform flip flops with the silver toe polish. Definitely my kind of girl.

TcH said...

OH what a hottie. Are you sure you want her on Dave's nightstand?? ha ha.

I would probably hide her. Or at least take the poor girl to a good hair dresser.

ha ha.

Allikaye's Mama said...

Oh my way! Allikaye has the Alexa and Breeann - snap on girls! I posted back in August I think about Alexa...our hero. Allikaye would do anything I asked her to long as Alexa did it too! How funny! Our girls would be friends...for sure!!

kate said...

Did you all notice that Themina has thighs? I didn't even catch it and I see her everyday. I love her even more.

Cutzi - yes, i'm sure you can imagine it. I'm so glad there are other moms in this world who understand.

amanda said...

can i borrow themina? seriously i want my hair to look like that :)