Wednesday, October 29, 2008

one more on the blog perfect day

I know that last post was long. I always get annoyed reading long posts, sorry. But that day had to be documented so that my children would see what a typical rough day looked like.

But let's add one more to that blog perfect day....a double ear infection. Lovely.


TcH said...

OH no. Who has an ear infection???
:- (

Boy I hate to think what you think when you read my blog if you hate long posts. *sheepish look*


hee hee

kate said...

Lily has the ear infection. poor kid.

kate said...

I love reading your posts...okay maybe I skim...but I get the idea. :))

The Horne's said...

So sorry about your day!
Hey and don't question those Honda's too quickly. My stepdad drove his accord until it had over 450,000 miles on it! :-)