Tuesday, October 7, 2008

the pumpkin patch

I've been blogging and helping out so much over here, I've forgotten to blog here.

A few weeks ago we made that run to my parents for my Grandmother's b-day.

One of the wonderful things I love about my parents is that they are creators and workers with their hands. They are frugal, innovative, and creative. I would call them organic, but they think that's just for hippies.

They have a farm where they raise cows and pigs, grow small trees and have a small garden and orchard on the side. My mom decided that she would put in small pumpkins this year.

Learning my frugality from her, I swooped up all her little pumpkins for kid projects and fall decorations.

My brother also inherited this 'create with your hands' philosophy from my parents. He grew the big pumpkins, so we stole some from him too. Viola! Free pumpkins.
The girls picked out their pumpkins while chasing the kitty's. Then my mom and I discovered an apple tree in the horse pasture. We quickly snagged up my 6 ft,5 nephew and made him climb the ladder. After fending off the horses we managed to come away with a healthy crop of apples for pies and applesauce. Of course Lily had to jump in on the action and eat. Eloise got to help my mom peel the apples with her fancy hand-crank machine.

(Eloise in her big girl panties, her usual attire)

I am so thankful that my parents taught me to create and make something out of nothing. They taught me to see value in the small things and it will help to create surplus when you need it. I appreciate that my girls can share in that too.


Jodi said...

Cute pictures. :)

Does your mom have multi-colored Fiestaware?

kate said...
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kate said...

Jodi, yes she does. That's so funny that you noticed. She has a small obsession with dishes and that is her current addiction. We've bought her almost every piece, including the bakeware, which is SO cute!

TcH said...

So what's up with Eloise cooking in either undies or a leotard. Kate, did she get that from you? Admit it, you cook in your leotard and undies dont you? ha ha.

Love you! ((hugs))

rebecca said...

Oh Kate, you make me miss my mom so much. She always did things like that as well, somehow though, I failed to inherit that creative gene, though i AM trying hard to be like her. It's a slow process, I need help.
And the underwear?, that is usual attire at our house as well, what wierdos.