Friday, October 3, 2008

Tomatoes? Really?

I have tomatoes coming out my ears and apparently everyone I try to give them to, has the same problem.

So what am I to do with all of them?

I don't like tomatoes raw. I like them in Salsa or Spaghetti sauce, raw...NO WAY. I can't stand the smell and looking at all those juicy seeds...makes me queasy just thinking about it.

That is why I believe Lily may not be my child. I know I carried her for 9 months and gave birth to her, but she eats nothing like me (or her sister). She clears out entire bushes of blueberries, eats peas straight from the pod, and now, eats tomatoes like apples.

It makes me want to start vomiting when I watch her do it. She pulled one off a bush the other day and took a bite. She loved it, she kept eating.

Tonight, she caught site of them on the counter and practically flew out of my arms to get them. The whole time she is yelling, "Mato, Mato". I've never been more okay with my child spoiling her dinner. Which she didn't b/c she ate an entire bowl of mexican beans and rice with ground turkey. Where does she put it?

To prove her love for tomatoes, I took a picture.
What a cooky kid? And look at that grin.


RachelC said...

AHA! She's my kid ;) She's getting so stinkin' big Kate!

Kate said...

Oh, I wish you could mail them to Boise. I'm like Lily...I can eat them by the handfuls, especially right out of a friend's garden. One of my co-workers took bundles of her excess produce to the local women's shelter - just an idea. They were excited to have something that wasn't canned donated.

Anonymous said...

Try asking Kimberly and LeaAnn. They both make an incredible canned tomato and basil sauce that is wonderful to put over some chicken and cook in the crock pot. I then take the chicken out when it' done and toss the noodles in the left over sauce. Delicious! Betty

rebecca said...

Or you could give them to me and i could make some spaghetti sauce!

TcH said...

Kate.. she is TOO cute.
Maybe she is my kid. I eat tomatoes that way too. wink wink

hee hee : -)

amanda said...

before beans was in my belly i too hated raw tomatoes...while prego i wanted them all the time!!

sooo weird??

but she really is too cute covered in those juices that make you cringe!!

Unknown said...

that's so amazing, all those good nutrients and she's loving it. Harrison has not once ever ate a raw tomatoe or pea or come to think of it even a stinkin blueberry. hm, I think I need to work on not coveting my B-W friend's daughter's eating habits