Friday, July 31, 2009

Favorite Link Friday - ways to induce labor

I'm still here prego. Doing okay though. Dave is about to lose it, which doesn't really make sense to me, but hey, we're entitled to how we feel, right? So I thought it would be funny to look at labor inducing techniques and what the experts say plus a few other funny things.

*First let's try laughter. This site may get a few laughs. Not sure if this is a proven method though.

*Here's a list of natural ways to induce labor. Of course, it's a guessing game as to which one will work.

Okay, I could only search so long. Here's some other random links:

*Cute printable grocery lists.

*Happy tickets - great discipline technique.

*A great post of being here and now. (very good for our time in life right now)

*Crispy Vanilla Peanut Squares. Yum!



Shelby said...

Hang in there sweet Kate. That little man will be here before you know it! Praying for a safe delivery for mom and baby.


Anonymous said...

Happy Friday to you...I hope it starts to cool down. We are praying for a safe delivery for baby and sanity for Dave haaha. Two weeks till I see you:) Jenny

Anonymous said...

I think today is your day!!! Hope you are getting some rest!!! The crispy vanilla peanut squares are calling my name...I love FLF!!

amanda said...

thinking of you today...

Shelby said...

Thinking of you Kate.