Sunday, February 21, 2010

Lily's 3rd birthday

Lily's 3rd birthday is Tuesday. But my mom came down this weekend to help out so we celebrated Saturday. Poor thing had a 103 temp. and couldn't even enjoy her cake. Sad. But we managed to make the best of it and celebrate anyway with a princess party.

Her cake:
Her dinner: mac and cheese, corn dogs, and fruit salad (strawberries, grapes, and blueberries) with pink juice.

My mom and i went to Target to find some gifts the night before. They have a new line called B. SO CUTE!!! They have a bead set, called B. pop-arty, to make necklaces, rings, and bracelets -- without a string. they all clip together, which is great b/c we are always losing strings around here. I would highly recommend this gift for any kid over 3. My mom and I were having tons of fun with it. I think my mom more than Lily.

We also got her a doodle pad that she loves. Good for practicing her letters.

And a bristle block set. They like building houses for their Polly Pockets.

And this is so cute for Sam for his first birthday. I want to get it now.

Add to all this a scooter, princess soap and vitamins. We decided to do the princess theme up big. She loves it and when she's 12 princesses will be lame, so if the girl wants pretty girls in big dresses around then so be it.

I love this kid. She is so sick right now. Lots of asthma, non-stop coughing, and a fever. We need our sweet, cooky Lily back soon.


Jenny said...

OH the cake turned out SO cute! FUN! I love the beads...I bet the girls love those.
Hope Lil is feeling better!

TcH said...

Poor little Lily, it's no fun to be sick but especially on her bday???
She's still adorable, sick or not
The cake looks awesome. I bet it was tasty.
Those beads are cool. Might have to check those out for me. errrr I mean Kam. LOL

Shelby said...

I can hardly believe that Lily is 3! I remember way back when, after finding out that you were pregnant with her. It doesn't seem like only 4 months later I was preggers with #2 too! Time just goes so fast! Lily is a beautiful little girl and I hope she had a fantastic birthday (and I hope she is feeling better!!). I think Lily really favors you! Am I way off with that?

love and hugs!

amanda said...

uhm why did i not know we had the same birthday?? happy, happy birthday sweet girl :)

and the cake? you are one amazing mama!!

hope the birthday girl is feeling better tomorrow for the big day!

Allikaye's Mama said...

That cake is awesome!!! Happy birthday to that sweet sick girl! I am goingto buy Allikaye those beads...they look so cute and fun!!! BTW...can you make me a princess cake sometime?!! :0)

Laressa said...

Hi! I have been one who has read your blog for quite a while, but never commented. Thanks for sharing life and inspiration! My daughter (just a little younger than Lily) has an earlier version of the boat set (I think it was Parents brand) and LOVES it. It is her go-to bathtime toy. I think the beads may need to be on her birthday or Christmas list next... Hope you guys are blessed with wellness and rest soon!

The Horne's said...

Did you make that cake?!?!? AMAZING!!!! So awesome - I can't wait to have a little princess of my own...