Monday, February 15, 2010

daily life

Tonight as I was putting Sam to sleep, I stopped for a moment to think of all the things about our daily life that I didn't want to forget. As much as raising little ones is taxing, there are so many sweet moments that I know will pass quickly. Here are a few:

*I put Sam to sleep every night while Dave puts the girls down. After getting him ready, I sit and nurse until he falls asleep. I didn't do this with the other two b/c I was too afraid of creating a habit. But it is by far my most favorite part of my day. The room is dark, noise maker on and my rocking chair comfy. For 15 minutes there is silence without interruption. I looked at him tonight and felt complete joy. He is my last baby and my only boy. He is 6 months and the most precious little man. For him, i am thankful.

*The girls are getting to a place where they miss each other. Even when the other person is in the other room. I love to see their relationship grow and their love deepen. Don't misunderstand though, they still fight.

*They are getting incredibly creative in their play. Today I got out of the shower and Eloise said, "Mom, Ariel is going around in circles". Can you see her?

Yes, this is the Ariel that had the tiny show that Eloise shoved up her nose. I H-A-T-E the way they have dressed her or rather not dressed her. Did they really have to keep her naked? Really? I've been meaning to take a trip to the garbage with her, but she's usually in someone's hand.

*Sam is almost sitting up. His favorite toy? Eloise. He loves her and smiles brightly when she walks into the room.

*With 3 kids, you have to be creative and let go of the idea that things should be a certain way. If they want to stop and color on the floor, then so be it. They aren't fighting or whining. They are being creative and having fun.

*Lily loves to vacuum. She did the entire kitchen tonight. I'll gladly take a break.

*Thinking about photoshop but it sounds hard to learn. I really want to work on my photos. Anyone know any user friendly programs?

All in all, enjoying each day despite the difficulties.


anne said...

This post is so sweet, Kate! I love that you're taking the time out of your busy day to jot these things down...I think you'll enjoy having it to look back on later in life. :)

As for Photoshop, I just bought a book that I'm hoping will help me out. If it proves to be a good resource, I'll either send it your way when I'm done, or I can at least give you the author and title (which I don't know off the top of my head).

Unknown said...

Kate - for quick easy touch ups I use irfanview, it's freeware, a very small programme, and can do an awful lot concidering its size. I only use photoshop for very serious editing, this can do everything else.

Unknown said...

Hi Katie...Just wanted u to know I always read your blog just don't always comment :-) I was just thinking the same things last night as I put down Evan...although I don't bf anymore I still snuggle with him and rock him at night and I wouldnt change it for the you said, with Ava I always worried about creating a habit and I think I missed out on some things with that worry.
Tracy from birthclub and BW

Julie said...

Ah, I love these little moments! Friday Stella wouldn't nap so I brought her downstairs to snuggle. She fell asleep within minutes. I sat staring at that little face and I cried! At two I know that there's a good chance I'll never be able to hold her through a nap like that again. So... I let go of all of the things I was going to be able to do while she was sleeping and loved every second.

As for editing - I have photoshop and I love actions for them but can't do to much on my own. I LOVE picnik! It's a free website so you don't have to bog down your computer with any additional software.

Shelby said...

PICNIK!!!! Free, easy and funnnnn!!!

anne said...

Kate, here's at tutorial I came across today in my blog reading. It's great...and super basic. I like that. :)

Anonymous said...

Kate- LOVE this post because when you can take in these moments, you realize what a gift mommyhood is...I loved nursing babies to sleep for that exact moment. QUIET and dark..blissful!!! I love seeing your family are such amazing parents and it makes me miss you more... Jenny

Rachelle said...

You brought tears to my eyes! Very easy to do these days with my hormones, but I know I would have teared up even if I wasn't pregnant:) So touching.