Friday, February 26, 2010

thoughts and links

::I get to wash my hair tomorrow, with shampoo. Man, I'm excited.

::I've been reading People magazine's my mom brought me last weekend. My grandma gets them from my sister-in-law's mom. Is it bad that I get super excited to read them? I LOVE People magazine, especially the pictures. I skip over all those TV, Movie, and book reviews. BORING.

::Had my thyroid appointment today. They are testing to see if it was pregnancy induced or hereditary. I'm hoping pregnancy, then I might not have to remove it. They did use the word "goiter" in the appointment. Thankfully, it's small. But I couldn't help but crack up thinking of that Seinfeld episode.

::Speaking of testing, I hate needles and blood tests don't work well with that. Last week I asked the girl if she was good. She said yes. She stuck me twice. Not good. Today. Stuck twice. Really not good.

::Had 4 different doctor's appointments this week. One for well check ups for Sam and Lily. Lily is 31 lbs and 38 inches. That's 3 inches shorter than Eloise at that age. She is my shortest kid holding in the 99th percentile.

::That well check up visit, took all 3 kids for the first time ever. It was crazy but they did well. Makes me want an itouch to download some videos. It's not beneath me to distract my children with TV.

::All my kids weighed the same at 2 mon. (12 lbs), 4 mon. (14 lbs), and 6 mon. (16 lbs). Sam and Eloise are the same height pattern, over 100 percentile. Eloise is predicted to be 5'11.

::Eloise being tall doesn't make it easy to find pants. We're inbetween the toddler section and the big girls. And I have to be honest, some of the big girl stuff looks a little sketchy for me. I'm a conservative girl. I want my little girl to look like a little girl for as long as possible. Leggings and dresses it is.

::I really miss Favorite Link Friday. I might start it up again. Maybe I'll start with this once a month cooking website I found. very interesting. I may just surprise you all with a FLF. Who knows???


Along For the Ride said...

Can I tell you I LOVE my IPhone...for the exact reason of videos. I haven't even upload any of the free games yet. Travis has an enormous amount of movies downloaded to ITunes on his computer and he put several kids movies on my phone...I love it for grocery stores, waiting rooms, doctors appts where they get bored. It's definitely worth it. I don't know what the ITouch costs but our phones were $50 a piece - refurbished through AT&T. One of our best investments IMHO.